Whale Wars Season 4 Begins On June 3rd

Our favorite activists are back in action this June 3rd, and they are hyping it up questioning whether or not this will be the campaign that stops Antarctic whaling forever.  I’m going to guess it won’t be, but that’s the pessimist side coming out.   Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ve done a terrific job at shedding light on this subject, but that’s all they’re doing right now.   few small boats won’t stop a fleet of whaling ships alone.  That’s where the show and fans come in.  If there is enough outrage by people Worldwide, especially in Japan, that could set things in motion for the real people (those with actual power) to get involved and squash this.

Regardless, this does sound like another entertaining show, with a bigger speedboat than last year, and some exciting moments.   Will this boat be torn in half as well?  Here is a clip from the press-release..

This new season is full of the drama that viewers have come to expect from the Sea Shepherds’ campaigns, including new equipment in their arsenal — a new vessel that’s almost as fast but far bigger than the boat destroyed last year, a helicopter with a greater range, secret GPS devices, and more.  Aside from the Sea Shepherds’ new tactics, there are harrowing experiences unlike any viewers will have seen before, including a crew stranded overnight in freezing conditions and a tragic mayday call. Captain Alex Corneliessen joins the campaign to helm the Bob Barker, and Captain Lockhart Maclean takes command of the Sea Shepherds’ newest small vessel, the Gojira.

As Watson has said, “In order to save the whales, people have to be willing to risk their lives.”  And, before this campaign, when a reporter asked pointedly if he really couldn’t stop whaling, he vehemently responded, “We can’t stop whaling? That’s what they once said about slavery, but it was stopped. So yes, we can stop whaling.”

I always enjoy this show, and it should be another good season!



  1. Melanie A Robbs says:

    leave the whales alone.

  2. stevebeans says:

    I hate seeing them actually catch one 🙁

  3. jj says:

    go on sea shepherds

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