Meet Gojira aka Godzilla!

whale wars newest boat godzillaLast season on Whale Wars, The Sea Shepard crew has introduced a replacement to the Ady Gil in their fight against the Japanese Whalers, this time it’s a beefed up looking version of the Ady called Gojira which translates to Godzilla.  Last year, the Ady Gil ended up ripped in half by one of the Japanese whaling vessels which was ruled to be the fault of both the stationary ship and the massive vessel that turned into it.   How they got to that decision is beyond me.

Like the Ady, this ship will likely be used to track the factory ship (the ship that kills and packages the whales) which will allow the Sea Shepard and the Bob Barker to tail it and prevent whales from being transferred to the vessel.  Unlike the Ady Gil, this likely won’t be captained by Pete Bethune who was arrested last season for boarding the ship that split his in two.  It’s pretty sad too because Pete Bethune was one of the few Sea Shepard’s who actually put his money where his mouth is.  Every season we get to hear everyone go on and on about how tough they are and how they’d die for the whales but nobody volunteered to board the other ship except Pete.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what they give up to make these missions, and what they do when they’re down there, just spare me the martyr rhetoric and focus on doing what you can to stop the whalers.   I’m not looking to see these people act suicidal or do crazy things, but if you’re going to talk the talk, at least back it up a little.  Last season they had a plan to spray the water cannon down an exhaust pipe to fill the engine room, and as soon as they got one spray in, they backed off and changed plans.  Why?  Because people were getting wet on the deck.

Next season will likely be a much more toned down campaign as not only did they lose Pete, but the whaling ships will carry armed personnel of the Japanese Coast Guard which will likely keep all the small boats out of the water all season and just result in a few bottles of butyric acid being tossed from the Shepard or the Bob Barker.  As long as they can find the factory ship and just tail it for a few weeks, it should be a successful campaign.. maybe a boring season, but a success nonetheless.

Source:  Grindtv


  1. Erica says:

    How did I miss you all posting this!?!? Are y’all going to blog about Whale Wars when the next season starts? I love that show!

    Pete has balls. He was my favorite hands down but really they all do a lot. He was just pissed about his ship.

  2. stevebeans says:

    I may blog about it here and there, I do like the show so it should be fun to write about if something exciting happens. I DVR’d the entire season and watched it like 2 weeks ago, so it would have been weird for me to suddenly start making comments about it, but perhaps next season I can watch the shows sooner.

    I agree about Pete, next year will probably be much more tame but still should be fun to watch.

  3. spore says:

    I watched the show a half dozen times, but finally found it too frustrating. The Sea Shepard and associated crews from the other ships seem to be mostly preening for the benefit of the cameras. Much chest pumping and shedding of tears when a whale is killed and dragged aboard the Japanese processing ship, but nothing really seems to put a dent in the whaling ships mission. Short of actually sending a torpedo into the whaling ships, I wonder exactly what the Shepard crew members think that they’re accomplishing by tossing some stink bombs and raising their fists to the Japanese ships? In reality, it’s probably the only excitement the whaling fishermen on the processing ships ever have during their voyage. I think the anti-whaling mission is a good one, but sadly, mostly futile.

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