People Shocked “The Biggest Loser” Lost Too Much Weight… What?

rachel-frederisksonThe season finale of The Biggest Loser aired this week, and it was a perfect opportunity for people with nothing going on in their lives to express outrage over something on television. Apparently getting worked up over an advertisement didn’t fill their quota for the week.


Don’t try adjusting your fake glasses, that won’t help

Rachel Frederickson lost so much weight, she even managed to get the fake shocked look by Bob and Jillian… I know guys, how could a contestant on a show that promotes rapid weight loss go to such extremes and lose too much weight?  Absolutely mind blowing!

Look, I’m not saying that 105lbs is a good weight to drop down to, in fact I like a little meat on women, but people can’t act surprised when people to extremes when it comes to reality competitions.  It’s like Jeff Probst feigning a surprise when Brandon Hantz pulls a nutty on Survivor, despite them knowing he is more than capable of doing such a thing.

The biggest surprise about this is that The Biggest Loser has been on the air for 15 seasons and there aren’t more issues like this.  You’d think once a year there would be a few people who end up in the hospital for pushing themselves too hard for that 1 extra pound or two per week.

Anyway, what I also want to comment on is how the hell did Holly Mangold end up on the show and I wasn’t aware of it? I remember when she was on MTV’s True Life “I’m The Big Girl” episode and was ready to head to the Olympics.  Is she still working out?


The old Holly Mangold

She makes me want to sit down one weekend and catch up on the season!


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