Mark And Buddy Are Indeed The Biggest Losers

mark and buddy quit the biggest loserThe Biggest Loser has been growing more and more annoying to watch from the blatant product placement multiple times an episode every single week, to Allison Sweeney trying real hard to sound like Jeff Probst, to contestants who pretend the show is more than just a game show.

This week on “The Biggest Product Placement”, Buddy and Mark tried real hard to steal the show away from the real star, the Ford Escape. I mean we watch the show on a weekly basis to see what new product Allison or Bob can push on us, but the cast tried to make it all about them this week.  How selfish!  Fear not, once they got the pesky cast situation squared away, Bob was able to give us his best car salesman pitch to show us all the great features the Escape has.  Did you know that SUV has this crazy thing called a GPS?  It literally tracks where you are and tells you the closest gym (or mcdonalds) and shows you how to get there.  Unbelievable. What are they going to tell me next, that phones will be pocket sized and you can use them anywhere?  Technology is moving too fast for me.

Sarcasm aside, back to the contestants. It was their baby week as they did their best to show they have no comprehension of how reality shows work, or what the words said on the piece of paper they signed before joining the show.  All the cast members threw a major fit because they got wind that the show was going to do what it generally always does, allow one of the kicked out members to compete for the final spot. After a verbal bitch slapping by both Allison and the shows lawyer, three of the five remaining cast members decided they were willing to ‘stick it out’.  The other two, Buddy and Mark, decided they’ve had enough trickery and can’t stomach the idea of someone coming in to possibly snatch the money from their hands.  So they did what any rational personal would do, quit the show and give themselves a 0% chance of winning.

Look, The Biggest Loser is barely a watchable show to begin with, and the producers know that.  The only remotely redeeming quality is how inspiring it is to see how much weight a person can lose when they’re given weeks away from real life stress, professional trainers, the best equipment, and healthiest food while dangling a quarter of a million dollars in front of their face.  In the process, we get to watch them act like losing the weight was their only goal, all while doing things like voting out the strongest competition in order to achieve their real goal.. the prize money.

With that said, even the dopiest of dopes should comprehend that when you join a reality show, they’re going to change it up on a week to week basis in order to keep ratings going. This isn’t 2002 when reality shows were starting to make their splash.  This is the 13th season of this particular show, and there is 0 excuse to act shocked a twist is going to happen at the end of the season.  I have no sympathy for either Buddy or Mark, and barely any for the other babies who put up a stink before graciously returning for a 33% chance at winning life changing money.

And in an ironic twist, one of the babies who nearly walked out because of the “twist” (Jeremy) still has a chance to come back and win.  If he not only competes in, but benefits from the twist he cried about, he should donate any winnings he gets to some charity that feeds starving kids around the world.  I know he won’t, so my only hope is that Allison has the guts to call him out on that, but she won’t either.

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  1. […] Last week, the baby crew (with Kim included), protested a game feature that was going to allow former members to compete in the final 3.  That didn’t sit right with that crew, as they manipulated votes as best they could along the way to make it the (soon to be) final 4, and didn’t want anyone else have a chance at the money.  Math, or even baby toys aren’t a strong field or them as they never realized you can’t fit 4 pegs into 3 slots.  One of their members was going to get the boot even if they had their way, and if they actually read the contract, would have seen they needed to fit 4 pegs into 2 slots.  However, the contract also gave those 2 booted members a 25% chance for one of them to return to the game, but they still felt it was unfair. […]

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