Biggest Loser’s Jeremy Gets Into Finals By A Rule He Hates

jeremy from the biggest loser

I don't read contracts, yo

Even if you count the season with Anna Kournikova, this has to be the worst season of The Biggest Loser to date, right?  The only good quality of the show is the professionalism displayed on a weekly basis by the trainer Dolvett Quince.  Typically on a season of The Biggest Loser, you have mildly to moderately annoying trainers, a Jeff Probst-wannabee host in Allison, and more advertisements IN the show than during commercial breaks… let’s not forget hour-long episodes that are stretched into 2 hours for some strange reason.  However, what sets it apart is the cast is generally likeable and pull for one another because losing weight is really the main goal for a large portion of those who appear on the show.

That changed this season in what was probably the worst cast I’ve seen to date. The entire season was full of poor sports, bullies, and immature acts that wouldn’t even make the cut on Survivor.  Even a guy who was bullied for pretty much no reason (Adrian) had to show up to the final competition wearing his trademark ascot with a t-shirt.  Come on, bro.

The girl bullying him, Conda, was treated with a sweet trip straight to the finals because she was fortunate enough to form the baby alliance with Buddy, Mark and her brother Jeremy.  Of course it wasn’t that simple, we had the pleasure of listening to her whining about anything and everything on a weekly basis along the way.

Last week, the baby crew (with Kim included), protested a game feature that was going to allow former members to compete in the final 3.  That didn’t sit right with that crew, as they manipulated votes as best they could along the way to make it the (soon to be) final 4, and didn’t want anyone else have a chance at the money.  Math, or even baby toys aren’t a strong field or them as they never realized you can’t fit 4 pegs into 3 slots.  One of their members was going to get the boot even if they had their way, and if they actually read the contract, would have seen they needed to fit 4 pegs into 2 slots.  However, the contract also gave those 2 booted members a 25% chance for one of them to return to the game, but they still felt it was unfair.

The diet frosting on the low fat cake was when Jeremy was still pouting that he was eliminated and had to compete his way back in.  A couple of things…

  1. Jeremy, you and your buddies gamed the system the entire way, and voted out whoever you wanted regardless of weight lost that week.
  2. In playing the game, you were beaten fair and square.  Only twice did you lose the most % of body weight, and even lost fewer pounds than the guy who went home in week 1.  In hindsight, you’re lucky to have made it to week 2, let alone near the finals.
  3. A guy nearly twice your age went home in week 2, yet still lost nearly as much weight as you… without the pro trainers, diet, gym, etc.  Again, you were lucky to make it as far as you did.
  4. The very thing you protested was giving you a second chance to return to the game, and the fact that you had all the incredible amenities, you cruised into the ‘top 8’ with ease.  Would you have done the same had you gone home in week 2?

Naturally, Jeremy ended up beating Mike and Lauren at an endurance competition, so all that whining and threatening to go home was for nothing.  He is in the final 3 and still very well could win the grand prize.  Or his whining sister, or a girl who bullied Adrian with that whining sister early in the season.  I’m probably going to only tune into the finale to see the former contestants, then probably puke in my mouth when one of the three is crowned a winner this season.  Not sure I’ll be watching next season, that’s for sure.

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