Seeing Him Walk Today Made Me Realize How Much I’ve Been Missing

I hardly even want to blog this episode, because it made me sad.  BUT! the blog must go on.  I guess it’s just the way things go though…the sky is blue, the grass is green, Adam is a douchebag, etc., etc.


Adam is living with Chelsea and Megan, but not paying rent.  Supposedly he doesn’t make enough to pay both rent and child support.  When Chelsea confronts him that he needs to pay rent (since her father said so), he gets annoyed at Megan since she doesn’t pay rent either.  I guess that makes sense to me.  They each should be paying 1/3 of the rent.  Megan even mentions they should split the rent 3 ways.  But that doesn’t help anything, since Adam and Megan absolutely despise each other.  This is really difficult for Chelsea, since she feels torn between her family and her best friend.

He pretty much spends the entire episode trying to get Megan to move out.  And I pretty much spend the entire episode wanting to punch him.  It doesn’t help that Randy is trying to get Chelsea to forget Adam exists, by telling her to find a job at a tanning salon or something (he sure knows what she likes) and “maybe [she’ll] find a nice guy.”  Oooh, low blow, dad!  While Chelsea and Randy are chatting over lunch, both Megan and Adam are texting her, because they’re arguing again.  By the time Chelsea gets home, Megan is gone.  She’s spending the night with her parents.  Since Adam likes to be a jerk, he starts texting Megan that she should just move out.  Nevermind that she was there first.

Nething? Really?

Megan and Chelsea end up getting into a tiff, which results in Megan really moving out.  She doesn’t feel Chelsea is sticking up for her, while Chelsea is just trying to play the neutral party.  This doesn’t make Randy happy though, since he wanted Adam to be the one to leave.  This makes Chelsea upset at Randy and everyone hates each other now.

I miss Megan already.


Jenelle is staying with her friend, Amber, since she got kicked out of her mother’s house again.  However, when Barbara finally gives Jenelle the correct financial aid forms, Jenelle kind of thinks of it as an olive branch, so she heads to her mother’s house to see if there’s a plan for Jace’s birthday.  Barbara invites her to Jace’s party and I have to wonder if she would have invited her if Jenelle had never asked about it.  When Jenelle sees Jace walking, she realizes how much she has missed and starts missing him even more.

So she runs out and gets him a really awesome birthday present.  A spiderman 4-wheeler.  Barbara starts trying to dictate how she shouldn’t get him any toys for his birthday, since he won’t remember it, blah, blah.  Is this woman ever happy?  I thought it was a great present and who doesn’t spoil their kids for their birthdays?

Did you just tell me I can't buy my own kid a toy for his birthday?

When Jenelle shows up to help get the house ready for the birthday party, Barbara immediately gets on her ass about everything.  I get she’s annoyed at Jenelle’s choices in life, but it honestly seems to me that Jenelle might be trying to turn herself around.


Welcome to the roller coaster that is Kailyn and Jo’s relationship.  Jo is still in New Jersey with Isaac and Kailyn is still staying with her friend.  Kailyn is all sorts of confused.  Jo obviously wants them to get back together, but Kailyn admits to her friend, Kim, that when she was with Jo, she felt trapped in a relationship and she didn’t want that at this point in her life.

Kailyn decides to try to find an apartment, even though she can’t really afford one.  She talks to her mom about it, but her mother still isn’t offering her a place to stay.  I think she really likes the carefree life she has going on.  Since her mother is a hopeless case, Jo talks to his dad to try to mend their relationship.  His father is all, “Oh, we kicked you out, not Kailyn.”  Because that wouldn’t be awkward or anything…Kailyn living with Jo’s parents without Jo.

Eye contact scares me.

When they go talk to Jo’s parents together, Janet wants to know where they stand.  Kailyn wants to get her own place eventually, but everyone else (including Jo) wants her and Jo back together.  They hate the tension.  Can’t say I blame them there, but if Kailyn is just going to resent being in a relationship with Jo, it’s best they stay apart.

Fantasy Land Leah

Leah and Corey are so cute together.  I wub them.

Okay, so there’s still another month until Ali can have an MRI.  In the meantime, a developmental therapist shows Leah some exercises she can do with Ali.  She shows the exercises to Corey’s parents.  Corey, however, is totally in denial.  He seems to think that, if he doesn’t talk about it, there’s nothing wrong with his baby.  Leah needs the support though, because the poor thing still thinks she’s at fault.  Corey agrees to talk to her more and their relationship becomes even more totally awesome after that.

Family photo time!

But then Corey goes all crazy, saying how he wants another baby right away, because he wants a son, and he wants to elope, and Leah is all “Whoa, whoa, whoa!  One thing at a time here, buddy!”  But it doesn’t stop Corey, since the next thing you know, he’s looking at engagement rings.  And Leah admits to a friend that she would say yes if he asked her.  If Kailyn and Jo have a roller coaster relationship, then Leah and Corey have a freight train relationship.


  1. Erica says:

    I think I might have a crush on Randy…. or at least have a lot respect for him after this show. I loved his low blows to Adam. Adam is dirty and where did he learn to spell… errr, not spell? I miss Megan too.

    I just feel so bad for Jenelle. Her mom saying she didn’t even buy them Christmas presents when they were babies made me sad. Even if they don’t remember, it is more about the thought and love behind it. Ya know? Even if it is just some teething rings or blocks, it is the thought not the actually gift. Barbara is a mean, mean mother. I really hope Jenelle can rise above it and be a better mother than her own.

    Kailyn and Jo…. gosh the next episode is actually a bit better about them. I’ll wait until you have that one up.

    I just feel bad for Leah. When she was talking about what she did/didn’t do that could have caused the problems with Ali, my heart was breaking for her. Loved their pics.

    I can’t wait for you to talk about this week’s show!!!!

  2. Melinda says:

    I’ve already watched this week’s show, so I’m ahead of the game! lol. I should have it up tonight or tomorrow. 😀 I love Randy too. I was reading some Teen Mom chat while watching it on last week and there are some delusional girls out there who love Adam.

    Jenelle’s mother will just do anything she can to bring Jenelle down…even tease her about the gifts she buys her son. Sad, sad. 🙁

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