Teen Mom 2 – Recap In A Flash

Hi!  Remember me?  I was doing the Teen Mom 2 recaps until I somehow got a month behind and watched the remaining episodes all in one afternoon.

This is going to be a super quick recap on the remainder of the season.  From what I remember anyway!

Leah and Corey got married!  But, as Steve posted, it looks like they’re now getting a divorce.  Time moves fast when you rush into things and make really stupid decisions.


With Jenelle, it was more of the same. Sneaking around with boyfriend Kieffer, getting arrested, crawling back home with her tail between her legs, blah, blah. But she kept Kieffer in jail instead of bailing him out, which was way awesome. Until she ended up bailing him out and getting back together with him. Jenelle is dumb. But at least this was entertaining:

Jenelle really packs a punch!

Jenelle and Kieffer were both arrested again after this.

Kailyn and Jo still hate each other.  Kailyn moved in with her mom and there was a scuffle to get her stuff out of Jo’s house and it wasn’t very interesting.  And Kailyn got back together with Jordan and no one really cared.  However, apparently Jo is a budding rapper, which I feel the need to mention.  Oh, I guess I should also mention that Kailyn and Jo are on good terms

I saved the best for last.


That is all.


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