Teen Mom 2 – Your Mother Is A Bad Girl. Bad, Bad, Bad.

I’m still loving Fantasy Land Leah.  She seems like such a good mom who does what she can to put her daughters first.  When it comes to Jenelle, I’m probably in the minority when I say that I want to like her.  I want her to stop being a self-absorbed little twit and remember that she has a son.  I don’t see that happening any time soon though.  As far as Kailyn goes, I feel sorry for her and I really like her for the most part.  I feel sorry for Jo too, especially since he walks around looking all depressed like life has done him wrong.  Chelsea…well, not liking her very much.  That’s pretty much all I can say about her at the moment.  She makes dumb decisions, which makes it hard to like her.  I love Megan though.  I think Megan might be my girl crush of the season.

Fantasy Land Leah

Leah and Corey are still back together and everything is all hunky-dory.  I guess she’s decided she can trust him now.  Family and friends think they’re moving too fast, which is proven by the fact that they are moving too fast.  Corey brings up the subject of moving in together, even though they’ve only been back together for like a week.  They weren’t even together that long collectively either.  Leah got pregnant for Ali and Aleeah a month after her and Corey started dating, and they were broken up for months in the meantime.  But, still, love is around us and they decide that living together would be just awesome for the girls.  I hope they’re right.

It's hard to take it slow when you have 2 kids. Duh, mom.

Even after they have signed a lease on a house, Leah’s mother is still all, “Take it slow,” hoping they change their minds, I guess.  Leah tells her, “It’s hard to take it slow when you have 2 kids?”  I don’t see her reasoning on that and I think she just pulled it out of her ass.  But, regardless, they have a house now, which is actually nicer than my house and I suddenly feel like I should move south since a teenager with 2 kids can live in a nicer place than me (well, the land anyway.  The house itself kind of looks like a warehouse, which I actually thought it was at first).

The happy family! <3


Adam is still hanging around a lot and Megan is none too happy.  I’m not sure if she hates the fact that Chelsea is back with Adam or if she hates the fact that Adam’s friends have basically moved in with them.  Seriously.  The guy always has his friends around.  It’s like he’s part of a gang or something.

So anyway, Chelsea and Adam are taking Aubree to the zoo, where Chelsea informed Adam that, the last time she was at the zoo, she saw ostriches “doing it.”  I wasn’t aware that ostriches did it, I thought they just fertilized eggs and stuff.  Okay, after searching around (and I totally just Googled “Do ostriches have sex?”  Go, me!), I found that birds do, in fact, “do it.”

Many waterfowl and some other birds, such as the ostrich and turkey, possess a phallus. When not copulating, it is hidden within the proctodeum compartment within the cloaca, just inside the vent.

Source: Wikipedia

So I guess there is your anatomy lesson of the day and I feel kind of stupid now.

We're not "doing it" right now.

Anyway, Adam and Chelsea are at the zoo.  While they’re there, Chelsea’s dad, Randy, randomly calls her up for no reason at all.  He asks her who she’s with and she tells him she’s just with Aubree.  That must make Adam feel real good, even though she says she’s only waiting to tell Randy because she wants to make sure things work out with Adam first.  This is where Randy becomes a stalker.  He stops by because he heard she’s back with Adam (maybe Megan is a snitch?) and then he keeps a close eye on her by stopping by unannounced, making Adam and all his friends run into hiding.

Omg, you and your friends have to hide, Adam!

And NEWSFLASH: Chelsea wants Adam to move in.  She has to discuss this with Megan first and Megan is NOT happy about it.  She thinks it’s really soon and she’s right.  I wonder if it’s okay with Adam’s friends since they’ll have to move in too.  Chelsea mentions that she won’t tell her dad right away, because that’s always a good idea…especially when he’s paying her rent.

Seriously, Chelsea, why aren't you as smart as me yet?


Kailyn and Jo have been getting along better since she ended things with Jordan.  In fact, Jo wants things back the way they were.  Basically, he wants them to get back together.  Leah and Chelsea are doing it, so why not?  Kailyn isn’t sure that it’s the best decision though, so Jo spends the rest of the episode being depressed.

Even though Kailyn isn’t going away to school, her friends are.  She has a bit of sticker shock when she realizes how much it actually cost to go to college.  Her friends’ parents are paying for their expenses, while Kailyn has to foot the bill herself.  In fact, she has to come up with $600.00 within a week.  She picked up an extra shift at work, but that won’t help in the short-term.

It's way cool having rich parents. Tee hee.

When her mother comes to pick Isaac up one day, Kailyn asks her for a loan.  Her mother just looked at her like she had 2 heads.  I guess she’s too busy partying to help her daughter out.  Since Jo’s parents have helped Kailyn out a lot already, she doesn’t want to ask them, so she ends up going straight to Jo.

He’s laying around feeding Isaac and still looking all depressed, but he agrees to lend her the money.  Either he’s a sweet and helpful guy or he’s hoping to win her back.  The verdict is still out on that one.

Sure, I'll lend you money. I'm not doing anything but sitting around feeling sorry for myself anyway.


Jenelle is spending a lot of time with Jace and, despite the fact that she calls it “baby-sitting” (how can you baby-sit your own kid?), she seems to be doing okay.  Until (dun dun DUN) she goes out to meet some friends and there is the future love of her life, Kieffer.  And I don’t mean Kiefer Sutherland, which would be way cooler, even though he’s kind of old.

Not Sutherland.

Jenelle stays out all night and shows up at Barbara’s house the next day to baby-sit Jace all hungover and full of nasty looking hickeys.  She says she’s not hungover, but she totally is.  Barbara refuses to leave Jace with Jenelle and ends up taking him along with her instead.  The funny part about this is that Barbara tells Jenelle, “I hope he’s not a pothead,” about Kieffer.  Oh, Barbara, if you only knew what the future holds.

This isn't a hangover! For realz.

On Jenelle’s first real date with Kieffer, they go out for ice cream where she scrapes part of her ice cream off on the picnic table (ew), then she takes him to see an alligator.  Because looking at gators are exciting and what you do on first dates.  Maybe she’s just trying to test out how gutsy Kieffer is.

And (surprise, surprise) she decides it’s a great time for Kieffer to meet Barbara and Jace.  I can see him meeting Barbara, since she’s picturing him as being a total loser, but Jenelle obviously doesn’t know my first rule of dating as a single parent: never introduce your child(ren) to your significant other until you are in a well established relationship.  Okay, off my soapbox…

So Kieffer comes over to meet them and it seems to be going okay at first, until Kieffer starts being all shady.  He moved up there on foot it seems, and he doesn’t have a job.  That’s Strike 1 and Strike 2 in Barbara World.

Barbara is less than impressed with Kieffer


  1. Erica says:

    Right again my friend. You have taken the words out of my head…. except I did know birds “do it”…. but that’s just because I have had birds, not because I am super smart or anything. 🙂

    Your first part about how you summarize everyone and how you feel, exactly me. I do want to like Jenelle too. I think she COULD be a good mom if she wanted to or if her mom would let her…. but what is up with her calling taking care of Jace “babysitting”. Really?

    I can see why Leah and Corey want to live together, and get why they are going a bit fast.

    Chelsea, oh, Chelsea…. Your daddy is going to kick your butt!!!

    Kailyn I do feel sorry for. She seems to be trying to do the right things, though Jordan was definitely not a good thing, but she seems to be trying. I just wish she could get a little ahead.

    And did this episode seem a little too “perfect” in that everyone was either getting back together or finding love? I just felt like this season isn’t really showing how hard being a teen mom is and a single mom. Maybe bits and pieces like with Kailyn and with Jenelle, but really Jenelle is doing it to herself.

  2. Melinda says:

    I had a couple of birds too, Erica, but they were in separate cages. Basically all they did was squawk at each other lol. I think this is a prelude to bad things to come maybe? Especially for Chelsea. I do not see this going well at all. Leah and Corey I have a little more hope for (not to mention I picked up a spoiler in US Magazine. I don’t know why they say publish stuff before the episode actually airs. It’s so dumb).

    I have a feeling Jo and Kailyn will end up back together.

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