Teen Mom 2 – Dumb People Are Sometimes Really Fun Because They Don’t Know Any Better

Before I say anything else, I would like to point out that Fantasy Land Leah is quickly becoming my favorite.  I think she’s this season’s Maci.  My least favorite is Jenelle, but that’s mostly because Kailyn and Chelsea are sort of unremarkable at this point.  Oh, and also because she tried to beat up her mother a couple of times.


Chelsea is sad.  Very sad.  She wants to go out with her housemate and friend, Megan, but she can’t because she has Aubree to take care of.  Since Megan is out being a normal teenager, Chelsea is lonely.  She keeps thinking about her loser ex, Adam.  Now a lot of times, my opinion on people change during the duration of a show, but I’m pretty sure I will never like Adam.  He’s been texting Chelsea that he wants to come around and see her and Aubree, so I’m guessing he’s lonely too.  Megan appears smarter than Chelsea because she’s like, “Omg, don’t do it!  Adam’s a douchebag.”  Well, not in those words, but I know that’s what she’s thinking.  If Adam had a change of heart and decides he wants to be a good dad to Aubree, that’s one thing.  But I have a feeling he just wants to get back in Chelsea’s pants.

I miss Adam, even though he's horrible to me.

I think Chelsea has a lot of growing up to do, which is sort of proven by how she needs to go to her dad’s house so he can help her with her homework and it mostly seems she just doesn’t want to do the work, and not that it’s too hard for her.  Well, maybe when she’s flipping burgers, Adam can bring home the bacon (wow, all those food references and I’m not even hungry!), because, yes, he’s back.  He texted Chelsea saying he wants to come over to talk and she agrees.  I think we all know where this is heading.

Adam pretending he cares.

Adam gives Chelsea a sob story about how he’s matured since he sent that awful text.  Umm, sure you have, buddy.  I guess only time will tell, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  Chelsea agrees to give him another chance, much to Megan’s disdain.  After Adam leaves, Aubree says “da da,” which they think she’s directing towards Adam, but I’m willing to bet she was saying that to Megan.

I need smarter friends.


Jenelle has been staying at a friend’s house since her mom kicked her out and she hasn’t seen Jace in a week.  And now it’s court day and Barbara is all hopped up on the fact that she’s going to get custody.  Jenelle shows up at court wearing glasses, which I’m sure is an attempt at making herself look smart.  Instead of fireworks and fights, Jenelle asks Barbara’s lawyer to ask for a continuance in order to hire a lawyer for herself.

See how smart I look?

So the lawyer search is on!  The lawyer Jenelle meets with tells her that she can show she can adequately raise her child, and uses no alcohol or illegal drugs as an example.  Jenelle, all proud of herself is like, “Well, I don’t drink and I don’t do marijuana that much.”  Ha.  “that much.”  I guess that makes it all okay then.  Anyway, the lawyer’s retainer is $5,000.00, plus $200 per hour.  Jenelle almost has a heart attack at this and decides to call her mother up instead and ask if she can just move back home and basically have everything back to normal.  Barbara agrees to this, as long as Jenelle is more respectful and helps out around the house, etc.

I'm your mommy now, bwahahaha!

Jenelle goes home and it’s pretty much like nothing has changed.  Barbara is still taking over when it comes to Jace, while Jenelle just sits there with her thumb up her ass.  Then the bombshell is dropped…Barbara still wants custody, which surprises Jenelle.  She thought moving back home meant everything would be hunky-dory again.

Is their furniture outside? wtf?


Even though Kailyn and Jo have broken up, they’re still trying to be good parents for Isaac.  They take him to the pool, where Kailyn is pretty much nagging Jo the entire way there…or so it seems.  Once they get there, Jo parks his butt in a chair and ignores his son, while Kailyn is playing with Isaac in the pool.  Back at home, Jo is being as difficult as possible asking Kailyn when she’s moving out and when she tells Jo they need to work on their communication skills, he suggest walkie-talkies.  Seriously, Jo?  Walkie-talkies?  Hardy-har-har.

Ha ha, I'm so funny.

Since Jo is being a dink, Kailyn decides to keep seeing Jordan, despite the fact that she describes him as, “Kind of goofy looking and kind of dumb.”  Those are always good reasons to date someone.  Also, Jordan wants to meet Isaac which, in the single parent world, is a huge no-no unless you’re in a very established relationship.  Apparently, Kailyn doesn’t know this.  She agrees to meet Jordan in a park with Isaac.  The funny part is, she has Jo drive her there under the guise of meeting some friends.  Haha!

At the park with Jordan.

As things get more serious with Jordan, Kailyn admits that she hasn’t told Jo yet.  Her friend suggests she just change her Facebook status to “In a relationship” and go from there, without saying a single word to Jo.  Now, I laughed when Jo suggested walkie-talkies in order to work on their communication issues, but I would think walkie-talkies would be an improvement over using Facebook to communicate.  I guess it could be argued that her relationship status is none of Jo’s business, but it kind of is his business when she brings their son into it and while she’s still living in Jo’s parents house.  So, anyway, Kailyn changes her Facebook status.

When she gets home, Jo and his parents meet her at the door.  I suppose they check Facebook a lot.  They are sooo not happy and Jo goes off about how Jordan had better not have been around his son.  Uh oh.

Looks like it's back to the basement for us!

Fantasy Land Leah

Leah didn’t hear from Corey all weekend, but that’s not the big news here.  Leah is noticing that her babies are developing differently.  Aleeah is all, “Look at me!  I’m Super Baby!” while Ali’s legs and feet don’t appear normal.  Her legs stay bent and her feet turn in.  Leah’s mother, a nurse, tells her to take Ali to the doctor to get checked out.  At first, Leah is nervous about telling Corey, but when she finally builds up the courage and gives him a call, he says he noticed it too.

The difference between Ali and Aleeah.

Leah wanted Corey to go to the doctor with her, but since he had to work and couldn’t go with her, his dad and stepmother go.  The doctor does x-rays and checks Ali out.  The news doesn’t appear to be good.  The doctor says Ali’s arms are too short and she’s disproportionate and they need to do an MRI to check for spine damage.  This obviously freaks Leah out.

Ali's x-ray

Later, when she’s discussing this with Corey, he gets a wake-up call.  He doesn’t want anymore drama, which is kind of stating the obvious, but it’s nice he finally realized it.  Meanwhile, Leah’s a mess and falling all over herself about how one of her babies might have something wrong with her and she doesn’t want to put her through that.  Her tears were contagious and I felt myself bawling along with her.  I totally feel for her and hope everything is okay with Ali.



  1. Erica says:

    Bahahaha…. That’s it. You nailed it.

    Okay that’s isn’t it. You know me, can’t keep my mouth shut.

    Kailyn needs to move out. Period. What did Jo’s parents think? She was just going to let Jo treat her like crap! What if Jo is seeing someone else, that’s okay? Grrr, that whole part made me so mad. But I do agree she shouldn’t have taken the baby around Jordan yet. Big Single Mom no-no…. and as a single mom who has followed this rule but her ex didn’t, I was a little pissed at Kailyn for that. I was all feeling bad for her up to that point.

    I got really choked up with Leah and the babies too. I am just surprised they didn’t notice the baby’s leg before. Do they not go for regular check-ups? Just my thought maybe they do and it has just now become noticeable. I just feel for them. They have a long road if there is something wrong with her.

    That’s it, I dont’ care much for Chelsea and still deciding about Jenelle.

  2. Melinda says:

    Erica, I’m guessing Leah didn’t notice until now was because the girls weren’t really standing yet. Idk. But, yeah, I would think they would have noticed at a check-up.

    I’m still deciding on Jenelle too. Sometimes I can’t stand her, and other times I feel bad for her lol. Her mother means well, I think, but she seems really overbearing.

    And, yes, Kailyn needs to move out!

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