Teen Mom 2 – I Believe In You, Just Like I Believe In Us.

Love is in the air!  Or maybe lust is in the air.  Regardless of what’s in the air, people are hooking up.  Actually, they’re re-hooking up.  Who knows what could happen next.  Maybe Andrew, Jenelle’s ex, will decide that modeling in China isn’t for him and come crawling back.  Stranger things have happened, I’m sure.


Chelsea’s dad, Randy, is basically throwing her money, which she no doubt is using to pay for tanning.  Even so, she hasn’t told him that Adam is back in her life.  I’m guessing because she’s afraid of losing the cash cow.  Chelsea also seems to be weirded out that Aubree keeps saying “dada” instead of “mama.”  I am still of the firm belief that she’s calling Megan “dada.”  Chelsea is too distracted by all the people in her life, namely Aubree, Megan, and Adam, that she isn’t doing so well in school.  I’m sure daddy won’t be happy to hear that either.  In the middle of all this, Adam texts Chelsea that he wants to get back together with her and be a father to Aubree.  Color me surprised.

Chelsea decides to “test” him, because guys love that.  While The Tanning Twins (Chelsea and Megan, of course) are going to the admissions office to see about beauty school for Chelsea, Adam is going to watch Aubree.  I immediately break into a sweat.  This does not seem like a good idea.  Chelsea’s “test” is that she’ll leave some baby food on the counter to see if Adam actually remembers to feed his daughter.  If he doesn’t, I hope she runs for the hills.

The ol' "baby food on the counter" ploy!

Back at beauty school, the admissions officer is all, “Omg, we need your transcripts in a month tops,” when Chelsea says that she’ll finish homeschooling by then.  That’s pretty much all that goes on when The Tanning Twins visit beauty school, except that Chelsea says she wants to work at a salon that does everything, like hair, nails, etc.  She didn’t mention tanning, but I know she’s thinking about it.

I have an idea! Let's go tanning!

On the way  home, Chelsea lets Megan in on her little secret: how she left the baby food on the counter and how she knows Adam won’t feed Aubree anyway.  However, when they pull up to the house, there’s Adam surrounded by his friends (and he totally seems like the type who needs to be surrounded by friends at all times) feeding Aubree who is sitting happily in her high chair wondering where dada and mama went.

I still don’t trust him, but at least he doesn’t let his kid starve.

I need my friends to help me feed my kid.

Fantasy Land Leah

Ali has to wait for 2 months to get an MRI since she’s too young for one at the moment.  Understandably, Leah is freaking out about this and doesn’t want to accept that there’s anything wrong.  She’s all frequently out about how Ali was “squished” when Leah was pregnant for her.  To get her and Corey’s minds off of it, they decide to go bowling, so that Leah can dive deeper into her fantasy.  Leah totally smokes him at bowling.  He’s left floundering, not knowing what to do, which is probably why he agrees to try again with Leah.  He likes girls who are good at sports.  Okay, I’m kidding about that last part, but…yep, they’re our second couple getting back together.  Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day Fever.

Maybe bowling will help you forget that we're broken up.

However, Leah isn’t so positive about it anymore.  She’s not sure she can trust Corey, since he dated other girls while they were broken.  Ummm…what?  Didn’t she cheat on him?  There’s all sorts of craziness going on here.  Even Leah’s friend, Kayla, is all, “Can you trust him?”  Shut up, Kayla, and let Leah live in her little fantasy world.  She likes it there.

You can't trust him because you cheated on him. Wait...that doesn't sound right.

On the 4th of July, they go to a picnic together and end up leaving the twins there so they can go out on a date (cue the “ooooooh’s”).  They get all lovey dovey on a boat and I totally thought Corey was going to propose to her.  I’m glad he didn’t though, or I would have to smack a bitch.

Yay! A boat!


Oh, Jenelle, the girl we love to hate.  She wants to prove to everyone that she can be a good mother so she goes out and applies for job after job.  When she can’t land one, she realizes that Barbara might actually be in a better position to take care of Jace.  Jenelle tells Barbara how she doesn’t want to be like her father, where he just ran out on her one day after being a “Disneyland Daddy.”  She decides to (are you ready for this?)….sign over temporary custody to her mother.  Dun dun DUN!  Jenelle and Barbara call a truce and hug and all is well, right?  Well, let’s find out.

I will never forgive you for this, mom.

They go to the lawyer where Jenelle signs over custody temporarily, but any time she wants custody back, they just have to go to court and work it out that way.  It all seems like a good plan, but Barbara is letting a little power get to her head.  She starts treating Jenelle like a baby-sitter, telling her how to take care of her own whenever she goes out.  And that’s another thing…she goes out and leaves Jace in Jenelle’s care, but she won’t allow Jenelle to take Jace out alone.  She can just as easily kidnap Jace by running away from home as she can while she’s already out.  Things are made worse when Jenelle finally gets a job at a local pub.  She starts buying things for Jace and for herself, but according to Barbara, she’s buying more things for herself than she is for Jace.  Honestly, I think Jenelle may be going a little overboard.  Shouldn’t she be…I don’t know…saving her money so she can move away from her mother and get Jace back?

I'm working to buy myself new skirts!

I admit I teared up at the end, though, when Jenelle was going to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July and wanted to take Jace with her.  Barbara wouldn’t let Jenelle take him, so Jenelle went by herself and got all sad because Jace wasn’t there to see the fireworks.  Although I’m sure he sees enough fireworks at home!  Ba da bing.

Yes, he would have.


Kailyn is all worried she’s about to get kicked out of the house, since she let it be known on Facebook that she’s dating Jordan. Things are still uncomfortable in the house.  One day, Jo’s mother, Janet, tells Kailyn that, if she’s going to stay with Jordan, she either needs to move in with him or find another place to live.  Kailyn is in a pickle, but we can’t think about that right now…it’s college orientation!  And she takes Isaac with her, because everyone takes their baby to college orientation.  Well, not really.  I don’t know if she just couldn’t find a baby-sitter or what.  She can’t even find a ride.  Jo’s brother, Junior, ends up taking her.  At orientation, Kailyn has to lug Issac and his gigantic baby carrier around with her, and she has to change him on the floor of the bathroom.  She could have changed him on her lap, which I had to do once in the bathroom at Barnes &  Noble, but maybe she didn’t think of that.  She is finally realizing how difficult it is to be a single mom.

Don't worry, Isaac! The floor's clean!

This leads her to break up with Jordan, so that she and Isaac have a place to live in order to make it a little easier on her.  She gets her mom’s old car, so maybe she should live in that.  Kidding!  She’s still living in the house.  However, she breaks up with Jordan over the phone.  The phone!!!  That’s not the worst way to break up with someone (I once had someone break up with me by changing their phone number, no joke), but it’s probably on par with breaking up with someone over e-mail.  She’s still going to see him though, since they work together.  So there might be some break room action, but no more Facebook relationship.

At least we'll always have the break room.

On the 4th of July, she’s all sad and invites her friend over to be sad with her.  Nothing says “let’s party” like watching your friend be miserable in order to keep you company.

The best 4th of July ever. Wee.

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