Teen Mom’s Maci Back With Ryan?

Don't steer me wrong again

OK! Magazine may have tricked me the last time, but they suck me right back in with more Teen Mom gossip (they should rename their magazine to Teen Mom! Weekly)

This time they’re claiming that Maci Bookout has dumped her mumbling boyfriend from Nashville, Ryan Edwards has also dumped his bitchy girlfriend who took pleasure in Maci’s pain, and now they’re trying to work things out with each other.

Ok, so Farrah wasn’t pregnant,  Bristol may not be sleeping with everyone she meets, and maybe Kendra’s family doesn’t have drama, but I bet this time it’s real.  Everyone knows Kyle was just a rebound fling that wouldn’t last (which shocked me she considered moving there), and it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to say they get back together.

I think Maci is the nicest one on the show, and has the biggest heart, and that’s why I believe this story because I know if someone is foolish enough to uproot their life to move near Mr Mumbles, they would be just as foolish to come back and try to work things out with a guy who treated her like shit.


  1. Erica says:

    Oh, oh! I really hope this ISN’T true!!

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