Teen Mom – “What even is an Ethiopian anyway?”

If you were looking for more Gary/Amber action, you’ve come to the right place!  We also get to see Amber laying down a lot, so it’s win-win.  I think.  We do get to hear Maci ask what an Ethiopian is though, and here I thought she was the smart one!


Gary is still living in Amber’s apartment, despite the fact that they’re still not back together.  Amber decides to spend as little time at the house as possible, since all Gary does is keep the couch warm.  She takes Leah to the park with her cousin, Krystal.


She decides to show Krystal some of the martial arts she’s learning that will keep Gary to cater to her every whim.  Hey, it’s working so far.  Don’t knock a good thing.  Right, Amber?


At least we don’t have to worry about helicopter parents on this show.


Gary’s mother is watching Leah for a couple of hours.  When she brings her home, she has crib sheets with her because Gary told his mother that they don’t have enough crib sheets.  Amber looks at Leah’s crib witheringly.  It looks to me like sheets are in the crib, but maybe that’s the pattern of the mattress.  However, it does look like there’s enough stuffed animals in there to suffocate a small elephant.  Maybe that’s why Gary couldn’t see the sheets, he would have to move stuff and that’s very strenuous.


Amber’s laying down waiting for Gary to get home so she could lay into him about his mom making her “look like a bad mother.”  Sorry, sweetie, you do that all to yourself.


When Gary gets home, she decides against her martial arts and gets all up in his face instead.


She says words that no mother should say in front of anyone, nevermind in front of their child.  Gary threatens calling Child Protective Services and takes Leah to his mom’s house saying he doesn’t know when he’ll bring her back, if ever.


Amber assumes her position:


Here we get a public service announcement about domestic violence.  I hope Amber took out a pen and paper and wrote the URL down.  Seriously.  She’s all sorts of unhinged.



Maci is settling in to her new life in Nashville, and she’s learning to cook.  I think Kyle was trying to tell her how to make rice, but it’s hard to tell since he talks like he has a handful of cotton balls in his mouth.


She has a recipe up on her phone and that totally intrigued me.  I’m lucky I know how to text.  I can’t even imagine being able to get recipes on my phone!


The rice ends up undercooked anyway, and I’m not really sure why we’re shown all this.  Then Maci’s friend, Keelie, visits, and Maci decides she should take a trip home to Chattanooga so that Bentley can see Ryan.


I should mention here that Ryan hasn’t even called Bentley since they moved.  Ryan dude, you’re making it hard for me to feel sorry for you.  Bentley’s so damn adorable, I’ll be his father.  So they make the trip to Chattanooga where Maci can talk to Ryan about going to mediation.  Ryan turns the tables on her and is all like, “My lawyer will write you a letter and we have to agree to it before we go to mediation.”  Maci agrees and gets in her car with her tail between her legs.


It leaves me wondering where Ryan suddenly got some balls from.  When Maci goes to pick up Bentley later, she tells Ryan she wants to discuss visitation with no name calling and no yelling.  It actually works!  They put together a visitation schedule and are very mature about it.  Are you taking notes, Amber?


I do have a couple of thoughts though.

Ryan yawns more than anyone I know.  What is he doing that is so tiring?  He’s usually just laying around.


And is it just me or does Maci play with her hair an awful lot?  Dude.


Okay, moving on….


First, we’re reminded of just how young Catelynn and Tyler are.  High school graduation is coming up!


Catelynn and Tyler are on their way to meet their adoption agent, Dawn, to get 12 month pictures of Carly.


Then they go to the local community college to find out their options.


Catelynn wants to be an ultrasound technician, and Tyler wants to be a paramedic.  No, wait, he wants to be a psychiatrist.  Wait!  He wants to be both.  Yeah, that’s it.  Both.  At different times.  He’s a very confused boy.


It looks like there’s trouble though!  They quickly find out they don’t have enough credits to graduate from high school this year.  They missed a lot of school when Catelynn was pregnant.  Tyler vents to Catelynn and a couple of their friends in his movie star sunglasses.


They’re going to be the first ones in their families to graduate high school.  Wow.  Way to go, guys!  It’s really sad when they have to watch their friends graduate without them.  They say they’re happy for their friends, but you can totally see the wistfulness in their eyes.  Actually, it looks more like anger.


Don’t worry, Catelynn and Tyler, you’ll be up there soon!



Farrah took on a new job as a waitress to make some extra money.  Her mother’s rental house won’t be ready for another month, so she’s still in her apartment with the mouse on the sidewalk.  She goes to her mother to discuss the issue about Kassy not showing up for the DNA test.  After talking with her mother, she decides to meet with her lawyer, Jon, to see what the next step would be.


Jon calls Kassy to see if he can get better results, since Farrah isn’t getting anywhere.  She’s tried calling Kassy a few times, left voicemail, and tried texting her.  Jon is able to get in touch with KassyKassy says she wants to meet Farrah and Sophia before she goes through with the DNA test.  She really wants to make sure the money is going to go towards Sophia.  Farrah agrees to it.

They meet up with their daughters and it’s super emotional.  This is the first time Sophia has ever met anyone from her father’s family.


Kassy brought a picture book for Sophia with pictures of Derek.



They got to talking about Derek and Kassy tells Farrah that he really wanted to be there for the baby, even on the off chance she wasn’t his, and that Farrah was the only one he cared about.  I admit I got all teary eyed.  Okay, so I bawled like a baby.

Farrah held it together until she met up for coffee with her friend, Kristina.


I cried again.


  1. Erica says:

    The Farrach stuff got me choked up too. Poor thing. I admit she gets on my nervous most of the time, but she is still so young.

    Gary/Amber…. I have no words. Other than I cracked up when Gary asked her if she was still taking her meds…. If she is, they aren’t working. I feel bad for Leah.

    Maci…ha. I don’t even know what to say. I just really hope that Ryan stops being a butthead.

    And Catelynn and Tyler. I love how kids seem to be sooo surprised by their report cards. My DD is the same way. Catelynn said she was going to get As and Bs… but got Cs and Ds. Big difference, sweetie.

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  3. dd says:

    I think Ryan yawning is totally a nervous habit. He’s probably uncomfortable with a group of adult men holding cameras and staring at him while having a personal conversation. But yeah, its really awkward. I feel awkward just watching him. 20 times in a 2 min conversation.

  4. Melinda says:

    Oooh, a nervous habit! I didn’t even think of that. I just thought he was being rude lol.

  5. Kylie says:

    I felt bad for Farrah too, but felt like this all came out of nowhere… I thought she hated Sophia’s Dad? Where was he before he died? It makes no sense.

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