Teen Mom – “I wish I could have a baby with no baby daddy.”

Sigh.  The season 2 finale.  I don’t know about you, but I’m really going to miss Maci, Farrah, Amber, Catelynn, and their crazy adventures.  But never fear!  I just did a little bit of research and found out there will, in fact, be a season 3.  Hmm, I wonder if they’ll change the name to Young Adult Mom or perhaps Early 20’s Mom.

I almost don’t want to post this recap, because that means it’s really over.  I may sound melodramatic, but I’ve actually grown to really care about these people.  It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t too long ago when I refused to watch it, telling my boyfriend, “I can’t watch a show about teen mothers!  I’m going to have a teenage daughter in a few years!  It’s way too scary.”  That was before I really knew anything about the show and how it doesn’t glamorize teen pregnancy at all, but shows the hardships and struggles teen parents face.

Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now.  Onto the show!


Catelynn and Tyler are taking an 8 hour drive out to West Virginia to visit Carly.  They haven’t seen her in a year, so this is a big deal.  However, they both admit they feel “blank” and not excited or nervous.

Tyler driving

Tyler looking all bad ass

On their way to West Virginia, Catelynn’s mom, April, calls and is all, “I love you guys.  Don’t forget about me!”  Umm, what?  How could they forget about her?  They should, but I think she kind of makes that impossible.  As they get closer to West Virginia, they admit they’re starting to feel a little nervous.  They also seem pretty excited.  Then they have this long discussion about if they should ask Brandon and Teresa if they can hold Carly.  Tyler does his therapist thing where he gives the other viewpoint, by saying to Catelynn that he wants Brandon and Teresa to feel totally comfortable and not that they’re trying to hone in on their territory.

The day after they arrive in West Virginia, Catelynn and Tyler meet Brandon, Teresa, and Carly at a local park for a picnic lunch.  They find out Carly has the same mannerism of scrunching up her nose a certain way, the same way Catelynn did when she was little, and they spend quite awhile demonstrating this.  It’s super cute.

Teresa and Catelynn hugging

Catelynn and Teresa start talking while Tyler and Brandon are playing with Carly, and I’m thinking they should probably adopt Catelynn too.  Teresa is so sweet to her and doesn’t call her a bitch once.

The following day, Catelynn and Tyler meet Brandon, Teresa, and Carly for breakfast.  They’ll be heading home soon and want to present Carly with the scrapbook they’ve been spending so much time on.

Teresa and Brandon looking at scrapbook

Catelynn and Tyler also present them with a book they recorded for Carly.  It’s really sweet.

Teresa and Brandon looking at recorded book

Carly has 4 amazing parents.

Catelynn, Tyler and Carly


Farrah is finally moving in to her mother, Debra’s, rental house.  When Farrah drops Sophia off with Debra before she goes to work, Debra decides to play matchmaker and set Farrah up with her hairdresser’s son, Julian.  I’m reminded of the time Debra practically had a heart attack when Farrah was dating a lot.  I’m guessing Julian is okay, though, since he’s “very nice, very smart,” and she thought she should meet someone who’s “decent.”  Whoa, low blow there, mom.

Farrah ends up meeting Julian at his father, Tino’s, salon, where Julian is working as an apprentice.  They go there under the guise of needing to get their hair done.

Julian styling Farrah's hair

Farrah almost drops her pants right there.  Farrah and Julian make awkward small talk, the kind that can only be made in a salon where you know nothing about the person styling your hair, but you pretend you do.  Farrah mentions she wants to open a restaurant, which leads to them talking about a restaurant they want to try.  Farrah totally ends up asking him out in a not-so-subtle way (“Yeah, I was thinking of taking my mom…or…or we could go.”)  He falls for it and they exchange numbers.  I know it’s too early to cast judgment, but I really like Julian.  It would be awesome to have a boyfriend who could style my hair for free.

Date night!  They meet at Julian’s brother’s restaurant for dinner.  He totally held the door open for her.  Score 1 for the hairdresser.  Then she mentions Sophia casually in conversation.  Julian might have lost his point, since he looked almost scared, but he stuck around for the rest of the date and even gave her a hug after, so there’s still hope.

Farrah and Julian at restaurant

The next time we see Farrah , she hasn’t heard from Julian since their date (surprise), but she doesn’t seem to care.  And she’s moving in to Debra’s rental house 2 weeks early.  Debra comes over to sign the contract Farrah insisted on.  Debra said she’s going to run a background check on her and a credit check on her.  It was actually kind of funny, but Farrah didn’t seem to think so.


Farrah looking at rental agreement

They get into an argument over the work that still has to be done on the house.  Farrah thinks that moving in 2 weeks ahead of time doesn’t mean anything.  The happy little worker elves should appear and make the house look perfect immediately.

 Later, while Farrah is chatting with her friend, Kristina, Julian calls!  They make tentative plans to go out that night.  After talking to Kristina, Farrah heads over to Debra’s house to talk about the rental agreement and try to resolve their issues.  The whole issue was apparently the application fee Debra tacked on to the agreement, which was pro-rated rent for the current month.  They resolve it pretty quickly.  Debra agrees to drop $100.00 from the application fee.  They have their own personal counseling session to discuss their communication problems.  Debra says everything a mother should say, like how they will always love her and she can talk to them about anything, and Farrah eats it up like candy.

Farrah and Debra hugging


Amber has been dating Felon Chris for a few weeks now and she thinks it’s an awesome idea to have him over to meet Leah.  Meanwhile, Gary is still living with his brother and hanging out with Jordan.  Gary still appears to be mooning after Amber, which means he isn’t too bright.  She is not the love of your life, Gary!  Wake up and smell the sweat.  But, first, we have to focus on Felon Chris and how Amber let Leah answer the door.  Seriously, Amber?  Seriously?  I think Leah might be smarter than Amber.  She pretty much wants nothing to do with him.  Good girl, Leah!

Leah meeting Chris

Also, Amber is a huge slob.

Clutter on Amber's kitchen counter

And she falls into the same trap she had with Gary.  Felon Chris just left his work release program and doesn’t have money or a job, so….Amber’s letting him stay with her.  I shit you not.  When God was handing out brains, she was getting her nails done.  Oh!  The best part: Chris is all, “I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you, getting married to you.”  He didn’t need to add, “as long as you stay my sugar mama.”  I just read between the lines again.  Then he asks to use her car.  I’m not expecting to see Felon Chris or Amber’s car ever again.

While Leah is with Gary, Felon Chris is cleaning up around the house (guess he didn’t steal her car after all), so that Amber “finally has some time to relax.”  She’s basically doing what she does best, besides getting on Gary’s case about something:


Amber laying down

She manages to lift her fingers to call Gary.  Apparently, Leah has scratches all over her legs, which Amber says is just because she’s a toddler and was at the park and fell down.  Then Felon Chris grabs the phone, because it’s really his business (note the sarcasm).  Gary has a few choice words for Felon Chris before Amber grabs the phone back and yells at Gary.  After hanging up, she runs out of the house to take matters into her own hands.  She pulls up in front of his mom’s house, where he was with Leah.  As soon as Gary sees her car, he jumps into his van and drives away.  Here I’m kind of hoping it ends up with a car chase, but she just drives home.

Gary escapes to his brother’s house, where trusty Jordan soon joins him.  Jordan speaks his pearls of wisdom again, but this time he’s actually more mature about it, saying Gary seems happier without her, and Gary even admits that he misses who Amber was, he doesn’t miss the person she’s become.

Gary calls Amber and asks to come over to talk to her as long as Felon Chris is gone.  At this point, I’m almost wondering if Felon Chris is good for Amber, since he’s cleaning her house and taking care of Leah, which gives her more time to lay around.  Anyway, Gary comes over 20 minutes later to discuss the custody schedule for Leah.  Amber pretty much immediately gets all up in his face how she’s a parent and he isn’t. 

Amber yelling at Gary

As soon as Gary finds out Felon Chris has changed Leah’s diapers, he panics and says he’s taking her and she’s not getting her again.  I actually agree with him that Felon Chris shouldn’t be changing Leah’s diaper.  So Gary storms off without Leah.  Before he even gets anywhere, he calls her from his van and says he wants to speak to her again.  He says he wants Leah to stay with Amber until he gets a place of his own.  They hug and sort of make up after Gary apologizes.

Amber and Gary hugging

Nothing ever really gets resolved with these 2, so I don’t know what to think about all this.


Maci is dropping Bentley off with Ryan at a restaurant or his kitchen or something.  It’s kind of hard to tell, because there are an awful lot of tables around, but no other people, and what looks like a bed frame in the back.  That’s weird.  Usually, she pulls up to his garage, he grabs Bentley and she runs off like her pants are on fire.  At the restaurant/kitchen thing, he asks Maci if she got the custody papers.  It appears he added a day without telling her.  Typical Ryan.  He’s all, “I didn’t agree on anything.”  Uh, yeah, you did, Ryan.  Might I remind you of the little plan you two wrote up in your garage?  That’s what I thought.  She said she would rather take him to court instead of lose more time with Bentley.  Ryan’s like, “I bet you would lose it anyways.”  Then he yawns, because talking about custody arrangements is very tiring.

Ryan yawning

Maci is staying with her parents until the custody arrangements are worked out.  Apparently, she never told them that she broke up with lover boy.  One of the first things out of her dad’s mouth, “So where’s Kyle?”  Maci gives him this ‘hand caught in the cookie jar look,’ then admits they broke up.


To their credit, neither of her parents said, “I told you so.”  I totally would have though.  However, they don’t seem all too pleased that she’s staying in Nashville.  While in Chattanooga, Maci gets a notice for mediation which is scheduled for the following day.

Sidenote: How cute is Bentley?  I mean, seriously?  I totally just want to pinch his adorable little cheeks.



At the mediation appointment, where Ryan is still yawning, the mediator wants them to compromise on the extra day by giving Ryan an extra day every other week.  Maci thinks it’s what his mother wants, which probably isn’t far from the truth.  Maci begrudgingly agrees to it when the mediator points out they have to put Bentley first.

Maci crying

Later, when Maci goes to pick Bentley up from Ryan’s house, she finds out he broke up with Kathryn.  Then Ryan asks the burning question: “Do you think we should be together?  For Bentley?”  Maci’s all, “No, not if we’re not going to be happy.”  Ryan replies, “Yeah, me neither,” like he was only asking to be polite or something.  You know he wants her and you know they’re totally going to hook up again.

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