Farrah’s Actually Growing Up

OK Magazine Has Never Steered Me Wrong! (until now)

Yesterday, we posted a rumor about Farrah maybe being pregnant again.  In an exclusive interview with MTV, she states the “baby bump” is just an allergic reaction to medication she was taking, because that’s what celebrities say when they look less than perfect.  It’s okay, Farrah, we all have our “fat days.”  As for the baggy clothes, she states: 

And the only clothes I’m wearing lately are baggy! They’re sweats for cooking and working out all the time, and going to the park with my daughter. I feel like I have no one to impress. I’m not going to dress up for anybody, I’m comfortable with myself. 

Source: MTV Remote Control 

This is a far cry from the Farrah we knew last season and even earlier this season, who danced the night away and put finding another man before anything else in her life.  I admit I’ve been impressed with the new Farrah and I hope, for her sake and especially Sophia’s sake, she keeps it up.

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  1. Erica says:

    Not sure what I think. I really hope it isn’t true (about her being pg)… but who knows.

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