Is Farrah Pregnant Again?

OK Magazine Has Never Steered Me Wrong!

Hitting news stands soon is the newest edition of OK Magazine which will have Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham’s recent modeling pic in which she is sporting a little belly.  Has she been drinking a bit too much?  Or getting a little semen injection on the side?

I was undecided if I should post this seeing as it’s pure gossip and I like cold, hard facts (like wondering if Top Model was staged), but last week I saw the photo as Farrah posted it on twitter and instantly wondered the same thing.    She does have quite the bump showing, and unless she puts on weight in very specific areas, it does in fact look like she’s been knocked up.

What she does have going for her is that this is OK Magazine, and on the same cover they have Bristol Palin and her dance partner Mark heating up, which is obvious since Bristol comes off as very desperate and would have hooked up with The Hoff had they been paired up.  Another cover story was Kendra Wilkinson having family drama.  Really?  Kendra, the ex-Playboy model who dated a 78 year old and recently released a sex tape is having family drama?  That’s a shocker!

So OK Magazine may not have the best credibility here with their “state the obvious” stories, but this one may have some legs not only because of the picture, but because she’s famous for having a kid.  It’s not at all a surprise for someone to get famous a certain way try to re-create that way… especially when she sees the money being dished out to the Jersey Shore cast from the very same network.

Maybe she’s trying for a Farrah spin-off show called Farrah Plus Two Equals .. Umm Five?

Anyway, here is a larger version of the bump pic, what do you guys think?  Preggers or just a belly?


  1. Erica says:

    Oh wow. Looks like it. Yikes.

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