The Amazing Race Power Rankings

Mallory Cheering her way into the power rankings

Here are the rankings for The Amazing Race 17

No Speed Bump this week, but none really needed. Team Tattoo finished in the top 3 and it wasn’t really that close. Kevin made a bunch of huge mistakes this week from missing clues to letting his father do the challenge which sent them packing.

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Nick Wouldn't Lie He's AesomeIn a brief recap of last week, teams were sent to Russia, and faced a detour where they had to listen to 3 sets of music, then go into a massive room, and match the correct sheet music from 3 different pianos with the songs they heard.  Well, Team Tattoo chose this challenge (before going to the other detour, and then heading back), and in the process actually correctly identified the music but kept getting rejected by the Russian guy (maybe he didn’t like Nick?).    They ended up finishing last, but it was a non-elimination leg and were going to face a weak speed bump which would have probably sat them on a bench for 10 minutes.

Due to the error, the producers decided they would skip the speed bump, and probably also made sure they got cabs with non moron drivers  (just speculation on the 2nd part).  They also decided the viewers were morons and would completely forget about last week and not question why they were never given a speed bump, and never explained it in the episode resulting in a lot of questions.    So as you were watching the episode expecting the speed bump to pop up randomly and never happened, now you know why, and knowing is half the battle.

thomas amused by the circus

Thomas Amused By The Circus

On to the episode this week!   As mentioned, teams are in Russia, and while there wasn’t an airport to allow all teams to catch up with each other, this time it was the circus being closed despite a bunch of workers there inside riding around on bikes and shit.  While team Eat, Pray, Love (Jill and Thomas) enjoyed the show, I think I would have been annoyed that I was forced to wait outside with other teams showing up… maybe that’s just me.

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Looks Good On You Nick

Because I don’t do anything with my life except watch TV and surf the Internet, over the Halloween weekend I was reading a bit on The Amazing Race 17 and came across this article about the fake drama during TAR 15 between the Globetrotters and the gay brothers.  The editing during that season made it to be this huge rivalry, but the reality was those two teams actually got along pretty well and it was never shown that way.

Well, fast forward to last night and right away the teams were told to they had to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia via planes, trains and automobiles.   It was built up that the travel was half the challenge, especially when they aired a little drama of Team Romance (Chad and Stephanie) struggling to find a cab to get to the airport or they’ll miss a flight!  But, this was more fake drama as all teams had plenty of time to get on the train together, and then plane, so I felt it was going to be another let down episode, but I was wrong, it was actually a good one with difficult challenges.

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I may complain about football screwing up the Sunday night schedule every other week until they finally fix it, and seeing as it’s been like this for many years now, you may hear a lot of complaining.   Ok, maybe I won’t complain every other week, but it sure is mind boggling.  Luckily this week it was only about 15 minutes late or so, because it was very important to hear Andy Rooney’s random thoughts!

This week teams were heading from Sweden all the way to Norway, and if you didn’t know geography, it’s still on the body of land that looks like a flaccid penis tea-bagging Europe.  (I’m sure many will be rushing to google maps right now to see what I mean)

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Week 4 of The Amazing Race 17 has come and gone, and all we have left are the memories of riding dogsleds in the summer, carrying blocks of ice, and a double toe tap elimination.   Here are all the screenshot’s from this weeks episode, many that didn’t make it into the recap post.

This gallery is so great, it made Claire cheer in excitement!

Claire Happy About The Gallery

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Stephanie Looks at Chad

Ahh, no more sickblogging for this week’s recap of The Amazing Race, but don’t expect me to suddenly start writing any better!  I need to have a spell and grammar checker just to sign checks, so don’t expect to hear birds chirping and harps making beautiful music when you read my writing.

Enough about me, we have a race to cover!   Last week, Team Youtube (Michael and Kevin) finished last, but were spared by a non-elimination leg, so they were set to face up against a speed bump as well as start the race last, tough to overcome for them.  However, it didn’t take long at all for The Amazing Race to even the score for them and made it so all teams were booked on the same flight to Sweden, which btw, note to Team Tattoo.. yes, you do have to go to the Airport to get there from Africa.

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