Alina making one last attempt to stayIt’s that wonderful time of the year!  No, I certainly don’t mean winter (brrr), nor do I mean holiday season (kill me trying to shop between Nov-Dec), the wonderful time of the year is the time when both tribes in Survivor get together and push aside all their differences and merge!  Wait, it doesn’t really happen like that, especially this season when the producers introduced a horrible Old vs Young format, then changed it mid game.   All it really did was give the younger tribe the numbers, then split them up so they can learn their competition before re-joining to continue their systematic elimination of the older players.

More of the merge after the jump!  Don’t worry, it’s not so gloomy, it was actually a pretty good episode

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weekly reality show ratings report

Welcome to the weekly reality show ratings report!  If you’re a numbers person and care about how your favorite reality show is doing compared to the rest, this is the place for you. I’m going to be updating this weekly when all the numbers come out so you can see where your shows are stacking up!

TAR = The Amazing Race
HK = Hell’s Kitchen
DWTS = Dancing With The Stars

Week Ending Survivor TAR HK DWTS DWTS(2)
Sept 19th 12.2 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sept 26th 12.5 11.5 6.5 21.2 18.5
Oct 3rd 12.2 10.6 6.2 21.3 17.3
Oct 10th 12.0 11.9 6.6 19.8 16.6
Oct 17th 12.3 10.9 6.8 19.5 16.0
Oct 24th 12.2 11.4 N/A 19.3 15.3
Oct 31st 11.8 9.2 N/A 20.4 15.9
AVERAGE 12.17 10.92 6.53 20.25 16.60

* Viewer amounts in millions
* The second DWTS number is the results show
* If two episodes air in one night, like Hell’s Kitchen, I put the average of both episodes

Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

With the merge pending, Dan Lembo finally climbs off the bottom of the list as nobody is going to vote him out now. Who is last now? Is Sash still on top? Find out after the jump

Teflon Dan taking you into the power rankings
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Dr Jill voted off survivor nicaragua

Good-Bye Jill

Jill was in good shape early in the game despite the Espada tribe losing match after match, until the producers did a complete 180 on their Old vs Young gimmick, as well as the short lived medallion of power.  Of course they didn’t change the very weak challenges, but that’s a different story.

When Jill was moved to the LaFlor tribe with Marty and Jane, they were instantly out-numbered by a very tight young tribe, and their days were quickly numbered despite having an immunity idol.  Marty tried to be honest and show them the idol, but that only made it easier for the young tribe to pick them off.  It was sad how it worked out between two very bright players, but when numbers are against you, there is only so much you can do.

Jill opened up to with a pretty interesting interview.  Here are some clips

You know, I can’t. I was shocked to see a lot of sides of Jane last night. We didn’t treat her badly at Espada. And Jane had a couple of medical things, minor, not enough to warrant medical treatment from the production staff, but minor medical issues that I helped her out with. And she kind of ran off and did her own thing. It’s not like she came to Marty and I and said, “I want to be in an alliance with you, “ and we said, “No.” She was in an alliance with Wendy Jo and Holly, she was loosely aligned with Jimmy T. She was picking bad alliances. But she never came to us. And for her to say we treated her badly, especially after I’d taken care of her was pretty shocking.

I think Jane’s got a bit of a vindictive streak. I think she’s pretty easily pointing the finger at other people. She sees nothing wrong with what she’s doing by hoarding coconuts and fish. And I’ve seen people online who are like, “They’re her fish, she caught them.” And that might be, but while she’s catching fish I’m filling her canteen with water. She may be up at 5:30, but there’s someone up at 1, 3, and 5 a.m. stoking the fire. We all have our part, so it’s not like she’s the only one working. So she’s cheating, lying, and I think pretty reprehensible.

Honestly, I felt angry at first, but in reflecting and thinking about this person and how she abused me and Marty and how she conducts herself…I guess I feel pity for her that life has made her turn out this way.


Jill has some points, Jane did pick some really horrible alliances and didn’t do anything to save them.  When Wendy was up for vote, she didn’t step in, and her alliance with Holly was weak at best.      Jill and Marty had a great chance to go all the way (and not in that way, she claims they were just friends), but the producers really screwed them over.

Kelly Shinn Talking about milking milkLast week on Survivor: Nicaragua was full of toilet butts, blindsides, and a double elimination, to say there was a drop off in excitement between the weeks would be an understatement.  The biggest surprise this week was that just a day after saying Kelly Shinn never speaks, she actually got a few lines on camera, by herself!  After those lines, I’m not sure we’ll be hearing from her again.

It was good to finally hear her talk, or even see she really existed, but between her few speaking parts and my post yesterday about how that is sometimes the kiss of death, I was wondering if her number was up tonight.   Keep reading to find out..

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Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Movements weren’t as drastic as they were last week, but we do have a new number one. Who knocked Brenda Lowe off her top spot? Find out after the jump!

Alina's Toilet Butt Survivor Power Rankings

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Fabio JudsonI’m going to start off by saying that Judson (aka Fabio) is quickly becoming one of my favorite cast members all-time, and I hope he stays along all season.  I know that’s probably the kiss of death for a contestant, but there, I put it out there.  Sorry, Jud.

But I mean this guy is serious comedic gold, I want to take around a mini Fabio in my pocket and pull him out to just tell me random things through the day.  That would be awesome!

Ok, enough about Judson, there was an episode of Survivor: Nicaragua this week and it was a pretty exciting one with two evictions…

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Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Ahh just like I expected, some very large changes in the rankings due to the tribal shift, and I have them after the jump to prevent spoilers

So here is a picture of Jane calling Marty and Jill ticks as she goes a bit crazy on us.

Jane playing with ticks

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Alina Talking About NaOnka

So last week we were left off with a teaser of Jeff saying “drop your buffs”, which of course resulted in the first few minutes of the show doing a little foreshadowing of this event playing clips of Holly in camp saying how she felt like she was on the outs, and Marty saying something that probably tempted the producers to make the change in the first place.   “It would take something extraordinary, off the charts, completely whacked out to disturb my plans now”  and bang, there you have it Marty, be prepared for just such a thing because this week it’s tribe mix up time!

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Since there are many slow days in the world of Reality TV, we’re always looking for new ways to bring you entertainment when we’re not doing reviews, power rankings, or spreading gossip about Teen Mom.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us with any ideas or tips 🙂

One thing I’ll occasionally do is try to get to know contestants better through photos, stories, and with some, actual one on one interviews (I do have a few lined up)

This is going to be a weak entry considering this isn’t an interview, and she’s still in the game of Survivor, but hopefully this segment will gain in content and substance in the future:

Contestant Name:  Brenda Lowe
Show: Survivor: Nicaragua

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