I know we haven’t put out a Hell’s Kitchen recap yet, hey 2 episodes in one night is a lot of blogging, especially considering Teen Mom, Survivor, and Dancing With The Stars were also on this week, but rest assured, a recap will be up shortly, and written by Mulari so you will get all her witty humor.

Anyway, during the first week, Hell’s Kitchen contestant Antonia Boregman collapsed and appeared to have a type of panic attack / seizure, and honestly how can you blame her after Ramsey absolutely destroyed her signature dish and humiliated her on national tv.  Is that an excuse?  I mean Hell’s Kitchen has been on for a long time, you have to know what to expect when you enter that place.  Ramsey can be downright nasty on that show, especially when it comes to the opening signature dishes, mostly for entertainment purposes.

Well, unlike other people who have left the show for medical reasons, Gordon was very vague about this one and just said she will not be returning.    After much digging, the best I can come up with is that she’s home and doing great, so despite rumors, Antonia Boregman did not die!  Good to hear, and I wish her all the best.  It was probably a smart move to get out early anyway, that show is just brutal on people.

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Source: TVGrapevine