I don’t know what to make of this new show on Spike TV called Repo Games.   I’m not a fan of repo-men, although not the person specifically (they’re just doing a job to live), but the act in general.  It sucks for everyone involved to repossess a car, except for the banks of course because they find a way to never lose.

Anyway, I decided to  give this show a shot, and I was mixed while watching it.  It was good to see people earn their cars back, although they even admitted what they learned is that if you don’t pay your bills, someone will bail you out, but then it sucked watching those who lost.   Complete mindfuck of a show for that reason, I didn’t know to be happy or sad for the people, until I saw Mr Darwin try to bolt from his back door, jump in his Mustang and take off.   This completely changed my opinion of the show because last time I checked….

…people don’t generally sit around their house with a black strip of tape on their baseball caps covering any logos that can’t be on tv.   So what type of show is this?  A game show where people can really lose or win their cars then jump on the hood and have sex with it (with their buttcracks hanging out of course), or just another cheap reality show where everything is scripted and staged?

I mean it was definitely entertaining to see some huge guy pull up on the lawn and basically tell the repo-man that there is no way he was taking the van, but now I wonder if that was all just an act done for dramatic purposes.

When I finally decide it’s just a scripted reality show, I then read this article claiming the crew was shot at during one of the repo attempts.  Mind fucked again.    Making love to the hood of a car, or even crying like poor “doughnuts” did can be staged, but did they take it to the next level here, or is this show for real?  But it still doesn’t explain the tape on the cap..

The biggest question is, why can’t I stop analyzing stuff and just enjoy tv shows?

Anwyay, what do you guys think about the show Repo Games – staged, real, dumb, good?  Let’s hear it!