It’s Hell’s Kitchen’s 100th episode!!!!  A special night is planned, but first…the challenge of the day!

Chef Ramsay takes both teams to Bristol Farms for a shopping spree.  Each chef has to buy food for a dish that will be judged and each team has just $60.00 to spend.  The meats they are to use are beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.  Since there is an extra Red Team member, Gail and Jillian are paired up.  This is when we find out just how much Sabrina loves lentils.  The rest of the Red Team isn’t very happy over Sabrina’s lentils, because they’re expensive and they take 45 minutes to cook.  The teams only have 45 minutes total to get all their dishes cooked.  So they locked Sabrina in a closet and force-fed her lentils to get her to shut up.  Just kidding!  They ended up letting her have her lentils before she broke down in tears right there in the store.

Sabrina Brimhall at Bristol Farms

Chef Ramsay got some important judges for this challenge…

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