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Boom, just like that, another week in the books, but this was one wildly entertaining week, so I may end up writing a novel about it.  I hope not, I’m not even sure people read my shit, last thing I need to do is scare them away with a post the size of a Harry Potter book.

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Dans Shoes

Dans Shoes About To Sleep With Da Fishes

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Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Shannon Elkins
Age: 30
Tribe: La Flor


Shannon Elkins is the last of the La Flor members for me to add, and let me say this is finally an ugly one!  I mean look at her, someone should remind her that she should shave before promo photos.  Oh wait, that’s not a girl, it’s another ripped guy who looks like he came out of the pages of GQ.

Shannon is a 30 year old self employed exterminator, who sadly looks nothing like Dale Gribble, but that makes me think for the next Survivor, they should clearly cast him.  I can see it now:


How awesome would that be?   Yup.  Yup.  Mmmhmmm

Back to the real exterminator, Mr Shannon.    He could be a real threat in this game, but I’m getting bad vibes about him.   Like the other La Flor tribe, I see him lasting a few weeks because I expect them to do better in challenges than Espada, however I see him making a dumb move and getting blindsided one week near merge.  What he does have going for him is that Shaq approves… I think.  Is that a good thing?  The guy couldn’t win a championship with Lebron next to him, though he’s a proven winner in the past.  I’m confused!

My odds of winning: 95-1