We’re down to the final TWO!!!  Either Russell or Nona will be the new head chef at LA Market, plus the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate wines before the end of the night.  The pressure is mounting!  Each chef has to design their own menu for the final dinner service, but first, it’s challenge time!  Both chefs are kidnapped and sent to LA Market in a helicopter.  Once they get there, they’re told they have to skydive down to the audience waiting below and are given parachutes.  The funniest part about this was that Russell started totally freaking out and almost crapped his pants.  It was all a false alarm though.  They ended up walking down to the audience instead.  Very disappointing, but I’m sure Russell was relieved.

I'll just freefall right here!

The first challenge is to create 5 separate dishes, soup, salad, pasta, fish and meat, and they will be judged by these really awesome judges.  Russell decided fusion was his thing, despite the fact that he didn’t do well in the fusion challenge, and Nona stuck with her southern flair.  The fusion idea worked well for Russell this time, since he won the challenge, beating Nona with 3 of the 5 dishes.  This, of course, swelled his ego even more.  Then they’re told to head back to the dorms where previous contestants from the season jump out of closets, scaring Russell and Nona, even though we all knew they were going to be there.  Russell’s reward for winning the challenge was that he got to pick the first team member, which I honestly think is the lamest reward Hell’s Kitchen has ever thought of.  Russell picks Jillian first, which makes sense since she made it so far.  He also ends up with Vinny, Sabrina, and Rob, which means Nona’s team consists of Gail, Melissa, Trev, and Boris.  Nona totally got the shaft.  I barely even remember Melissa and Boris certainly didn’t make any impressions on me, other than washing dishes in the middle of dinner service and sweating in the food.

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Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

Here we go with the weekly Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings after the jump, but first here is a random picture of Trevor tossing Sabrina’s salad…

Trev tossing Sabrina's salad (hee hee)

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It’s BLACK JACKET time!!!  The last we saw of our 6 chefs, they were receiving their new threads.  It made me proud.  But the work isn’t done!  They’re still in the fight for the Head Chef position at LA Market and spokesperson for Rosemount Wines.  It’s getting very cutthroat.  I almost wish I had a seatbelt on my couch for the ride they’re taking me on every Wednesday!

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Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

Here we go with the weekly Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings after the jump, but first, here is a random picture of Sabrina and her gold butt to keep you entertained

I wonder if she bought the gold pants

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Watch out!  Russell is on the warpath!  He decides to make it his personal vendetta to bring Trev down, since Trev put him up on the chopping block.  Other than Rob, Trev had to choose between Russell and Vinny.  If he had put Vinny up, I have a strong feeling he wouldn’t have whined and cried like Russell did.  Everyone is out to get Russell.

The challenge for the day is a relay race cook-off!  Each team has to cook 3 entrees from the regular menu, but only one person from each team is allowed in the kitchen at a time.  They have 5 minutes to cook and when it’s time to change contestants, they have 15 seconds to communicate.  This challenge is basically all about communication,which we find out pretty quickly.

Sabrina throws the lobster in the boiling water right away, but Trev doesn’t cook the lobster and fails to tell Vinny that it isn’t cooked.  After a couple of rounds, their lobster still isn’t cooked, so once Vinny realizes this, he decides to just poach the tail, which makes me wonder if he ripped the tail off the live lobster.  Or maybe the lobster had dried out by now and was mummifying on the plate.

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When we left Hell’s Kitchen, which was only a month ago, but feels much longer, Chef Ramsay called Trev to the front of the class.  It was sort of anti-climactic though, since he was only putting him back on the Blue Team.  Trev and the girls were thrilled about this.  Russell, Vinny, and Rob, on the other hand, weren’t.  Trev must feel really wanted.  Enough about Trev!  On to the first challenge of the day!  Ramsay picks up some grub at several fast food joints for the teams to try, but he adds in chicken wings from The London Hotel, which he owns.  He’s testing their palettes when it comes to 5-star room service meals, since they will have to serve room service at the L.A. Market.  Most of them prefer the fast food stuff, which doesn’t say a lot about Ramsay’s cooking.  However, he thinks this means they have sub-par palettes, which could also be true.  You know what that means, don’t you?  Time for a blind taste test!

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Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

Here we go with the weekly Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings after the jump

Sabrina Birmhall in her bra

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It’s Hell’s Kitchen’s 100th episode!!!!  A special night is planned, but first…the challenge of the day!

Chef Ramsay takes both teams to Bristol Farms for a shopping spree.  Each chef has to buy food for a dish that will be judged and each team has just $60.00 to spend.  The meats they are to use are beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.  Since there is an extra Red Team member, Gail and Jillian are paired up.  This is when we find out just how much Sabrina loves lentils.  The rest of the Red Team isn’t very happy over Sabrina’s lentils, because they’re expensive and they take 45 minutes to cook.  The teams only have 45 minutes total to get all their dishes cooked.  So they locked Sabrina in a closet and force-fed her lentils to get her to shut up.  Just kidding!  They ended up letting her have her lentils before she broke down in tears right there in the store.

Sabrina Brimhall at Bristol Farms

Chef Ramsay got some important judges for this challenge…

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I consider myself a pretty good cook.  Even so, I have a hard time imagining myself able to pull random ingredients out of my cabinet and making something edible with them.  That is why the first challenge that faced the chefs is one of my favorites.  It’s roulette!!!

roulette table

Each chef spins the roulette table and lands on a letter.  They have to come up with an ingredient that starts with that letter.  Then they have to use all those ingredients and come up with an awesome dish.  It’s just fascinating to me.

vinny acardi roulette table

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I know, I know.  I’m a huge slacker when it comes to getting the Hell’s Kitchen posts up.  There are a few reasons for this:

1) I have to do them after work, so that gives me limited time.

2) I blog Teen Mom on Wednesday nights.  I have to rely on Hulu for the screenshots, since it’s on MTV.

3) Thursday nights are pretty harried for me.

4) The powers that be decided it’s a great idea to have 2 hour episodes every week.  Each recap takes me a few hours to do and there simply isn’t enough time in the day, unfortunately, so I’ve been getting them up on Fridays.

But never fear!  Now that Teen Mom is over for the season (/sob), I’ll be able to get the Hell’s Kitchen posts up in a more timely manner starting with the next episode (which I just heard won’t be until November 10th.  What????).

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot of Sabrina Brimhall in her bra to get you through the night.  Consider it a gift from me.  😉

Sabrina Brimhall in her bra