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Flipped off is a new reality show starring the Survivor alumni Russell Hantz, his brother (and also Brandon Hantz’s father) Shawn Hantz, and the beautiful Kristen Bredehoeft.  I covered the show, and the antics of the Hantz brothers in this post, so this article is dedicated to introducing the lesser known Kristen to the world… by world, I mean my readers!

Wildly motivated, Kristen has been able to manage being a single mother of 3 children while earning her bachelors degree from the University of Houston, in addition to attending Sam Houston State, running a charity called Everybody Loves Kids, volunteering at another one, and not to mention the full time job of dealing with Russell Hantz’ massive ego. Wow, I’m tired typing all of that.

flipped off's kristen volunteering to the needyKristen spends her off-time helping the less fortunate

Kristen Bredehoeft is a legitimate real estate agent who was cast on “Flipped Off” at the same time she was offered an intern role at ABC 13 in Houston.  The role with Russell and Shawn allows her to merge both passions in life, TV and real estate, but something tells me dealing with those two isn’t a third passion.

Unlike some other women cast in certain roles on TV, Kristen actually does have a lot of experience at her position, and it’s not an act just for eye candy. She brings a huge level of professionalism to a team that severely lacks it.  That being said, I’m sure her looks didn’t hurt her chances at the job, especially since the A&E website lists her as the “gorgeous single mom with three kids”.

When Kristen is not doing all that listed above, she’s clearly into crossfit, as I was able to dig up a bunch of training photos she has…

kristen flipped off, flipping a tieYou can view the rest of Kristen’s training photos in the gallery at the bottom

So far I’ve been very impressed with her on her show Flipped Off.  While the show comes off as very scripted, it’s very clear she knows what she’s doing even if the brothers don’t.  While that could also be an act, based on her experience in the field, it’s unlikely.  Russell looks like a Survivor cast member trying to flip houses, while Kristen looks like a real estate agent hired for her knowledge and looks.

And for those who must know, yes she is single, and according to her recent twitter post:

Twitter – Maybe I’ll entertain the idea of dating again. It’s been awhile. Now accepting applications:)

So there you have it.  Tune in on A&E on saturday nights to watch Kristen deal with the Hantz brothers.

Here are some links to follow Kristen Bredehoeft:

Facebook Fan Page
Business Site

A&E's Flipped Off Starring Russell Hantz

If you’ve heard of the show Survivor, there is a 95% chance you’ve also heard of Russell Hantz.  He is the most popular cast member in recent seasons, and people either love his style, or completely hate him.  He’s arrogant, rude, blunt, yet somehow puts those traits to his advantage whether he’s finishing second place on Survivor or flipping houses.

A&E decided to give him a shot with a new series called Flipped Off where he stars as a house flipper in the Houston area along with his brother Shawn Hantz* and real estate agent Kristen Bredehoeft. I was able to catch an episode yesterday, and I’m not really sure if I should be blogging about it on this site because it felt like I was watching a lame sitcom on NBC more than anything else. Is this show considered a reality show?  Or is it a show mocking both house flipping and reality shows?  I can’t figure it out.

* Shawn Hantz is also Brandon Hantz’ father, and has appeared on Survivor during family week

flipped off's kristen

The reason to watch when Russell gets boring

The only person to give the show some credibility is the real estate agent, Kristen Bredehoeft. She seems like a typical person you’d see on a show like this, reminiscent of Ginger from the other flipping show. She’s clearly the eye candy brought in to try and keep male viewers if and when Russell and Shawn’s acting gets old, which I feel it will very quickly.  I’ll be creating a profile page for her, because I know guys will be interested to know more about her… so stay tuned for that.


I’m going to do a little recap of the episode I watched, and point out how silly most of it was…

  • The auction– Deciding the best way to make money on a house is to buy it without ever stepping foot inside, Russell goes to an auction that only accepts cash. Very smart, especially considering he didn’t have the cash on hand, as it is “tied up” (ie: nonexistent).  In order to make a move, he borrows money from his friend and “investor”, Boo, who happens to have the cash lying around.   Naturally, Russell has to make a big show of it and hires a bodyguard to carry a briefcase holding the money.  Speaking of that briefcase, a typical case that size can hold $700k-$1.5million depending on different reports.  So here is what an x-ray scan would have shown…

    flipped off, empty suitcase

    Seems about right

  • Cleaning up– Either this was completely staged or the Hantz brothers are in way over their head with what they’re doing. I’m no expert at demo, house repair or any of that.  I sit on my ass and blog. That’s my thing.  However, I know a few things, like when you’re doing demo, especially swinging a hammer around like a lunatic, wear goggles.  In addition, taking out the refrigerator was probably one of the most over the top acting jobs I’ve seen on any TV show.  The smell is awful, and the doors keep opening?  What about a 50 cent mask from Lowes, and a roll of duct tape?

    russell overacting for flipped off

    Were tape and masks not in the budget?

  • The taco stand– This is when the show took a turn from strange to absolutely silly.  It’s like something you’d see Kramer do on Seinfeld.  “Hey Jerry, I have a brilliant idea for Kramerica Industries! While we work on the house, I’ll get in my trailer and make tacos and compete with McDonalds!”  .. “But Kramer, how are you going to do that?  It’s all houses around here” … “Jerry, don’t you see the big picture?? People will stop, eat a taco and run the streets yelling how great they are, then I’ll have a line around the block.  It’s brilliant!!”

    flipped off Shawn Hantz Tacos

    Was this really a Seinfeld episode?

In addition to the things I broke down, you have strange things like the investor suddenly needing his money back a week early (shady), then Russell racing him for a week extension?!? Of course the script was written up for Russell to win, but I have a hard time believing he can just hop in a car and beat someone who appears to live on the track.  Then you have the awkward bidding war for the floors, which just told me that if you buy a Russell Hantz house, understand it was done by the cheapest labor with no regards to quality.

Finally, the day of the open house, for some reason Shawn is obsessed with following around Kristen in nearly the same creepy way his son did to Mikayla on Survivor. Then he decides to randomly step in and close the sale because the supposed real estate agent can’t do it?  Of course, on the first attempt on the first day in this economy, the team sold the house at the asking price of around $350k or so.  However, we don’t actually get to see that part… once Shawn starts looking like a weirdo to the “customers”, the cameras turn off. The next scene they’re announcing the sale.  Sure.

Needless to say, there are soap operas that are more believable than this show, but if you suspend your reality for a few moments, it’s not a terrible show.  It’s like the train wreck of flipping houses, and it’s watchable almost to see how absurd it is.  I’m not sure how long that will carry the series, but for now I’d definitely recommend watching an episode or two.

Boston Rob and Russell Hantz announce new reality showsNow that Boston Rob Mariano is sitting on well over $2.5 million from reality show winnings between him and his wife, Amber, it is time to settle down and raise his children, right?  Wrong!   Fresh off the heels of the Survivor Redemption Island finale, Boston Rob announced he will take part in a new show on The History Channel called Around The World In 80 Days.

According to The Examiner, the show will work like this:

“I’m on a plane tonight going to Los Angeles and I start production in the morning on a new show that I’m doing,” says Mariano. “It’s called ‘Around the World in 80 Ways,’ it’s adrenaline-style TV, which is perfect for me. I love adventure, so I’m excited to be working on something new and making the transition from reality show contestant to host.”

“The basic premise of the show is me and a co-host are going to travel around the world, from point A to point B, but you can never repeat any of the forms of transportation,” he continues. “If you use a commercial airline once, you can’t use it again. You need to take a fighter jet or a blimp or a hot air balloon. Within that context, we’re going to try to use transportation that is indigenous to the area. If we’re in the desert, we’ll ride camels.”

Sounds… hmmm…  pretty boring actually.  Think “The Amazing Race” without the rewards, challenges, and unique personalities between the different teams.   I’ll be shocked if this finishes the season, but we’ll find out soon as it’s set to air sometime this fall/winter.

Not to be outdone by Rob’s reality show branch off, Russell announced he will have his own show in the near future.    This is going to be a ripoff of the countless house flipping shows with the biggest difference being Russell will be in charge of the flips.   He’ll buy and flip houses in the Houston area to bring the economy back on it’s feet all by himself!   From the same article as above:

“There are tons of reality TV stars sitting on their couches and twiddling their thumbs because they haven’t created anything else. I expect to be one of the biggest house flippers in Houston and I am here to bring Houston’s economy back on its feet.”

Very nice of you, Russell.   You’re going to bring the economy back in Houston one run-down then band-aided and overpriced house at a time.   Regardless, I am a sucker for watching house flipping shows.  We used to have Flip This House set on DVR so we could make fun of Ginger Alexander always carrying around her dog.

ginger alexander flip this houseBy the way, for those who remember her, it turns out she married the owner of her company, Richard David, in 2009

Back to Russell. The show will be called Flipped and it will air on A&E at some point.  There is no set date on the premiere.   I guess now Rob and Russell can compete over ratings.

I wasn’t going to post a Survivor blog this week.  Why?  Truthfully I am getting a bit burnt out on blogging and needed a little break.  I’m not sure people even read the stuff considering my posts usually get no comments.   Taking screen-shots is also very time consuming, and it usually winds up with me watching the episode like 3-4x which leads to quick burnout there.   I decided to skip the screen-shots this post to see how it goes, but maybe later in the week I’ll run through and snag some shots if I get any requests for anything specific.  I know there were a lot of bikini shots out there for the guy viewers / readers, so I’m sure people will be expecting some sort of eye candy this post.

Considering  I didn’t plan on blogging about it, I didn’t watch it with my trusty notepad this week, so it’s very likely I will miss a lot of stuff to talk about.  I do know one thing I want to talk about, is the immunity idol and how it possession of it forces the holder to lose any brain power they have.    It seems the longer someone holds it, the more they forget how to play the game and just say / do dumb things, as Ralph proved to us this week.  To be fair, I’m not really sure the guy had much brain power to begin with though.

I never really understood the reasoning behind revealing to more than your closest ally that you have the idol.  I’ve seen it numerous times over the years, and the only time it has ever worked out has been Russell, but that was only due in large part to a) Smart people want to sit next to him in the finals anyway and b) A bit of luck at times.    Ralph randomly deciding he has to show the entire tribe that he has a huge position of strength was mind boggling to say the least.    He had a good spot on his tribe as the hard working redneck who will carry the tribe through some tough physical challenges, but then decides that wasn’t good enough, he needed to put a target on his back.

The best part of the episode was during the Redemption Island duel between Matt and Russell, as most know by now, it was won by Matt.   Russell had his breakdown which we’ve all seen before, but he explains he’s mostly upset he was beaten by a bunch of dummies.  Ralph then instantly proves his point by letting him – and the other tribe know – that he’s not dumb because he found the idol first.   Well played Russell, if you’re going to go home, may as well take a few with you.     By the way, he said he’s never playing again, and under the same situation I’d agree with him, but I have a hard time believing he wouldn’t come back in a second for another All-Stars run.

The rest of the episode was fairly weak, especially during the challenge which almost made me want to shut it off right there when it was basically sponsored by Sears.   The only thing missing from the challenge was for them to spell out the word “SEARS” with the wooden planks before running up.   I hate sponsored challenges and product placement, and I’m going to hate it in a few weeks when they have the movie themed one which the reward is going to pre-screen another awful movie (more like punishment).   I still have visions of Benry forcing his laughter trying to watch Gulliver’s Travels.

(btw, you know a movie is bad when you screen it to a few people who haven’t had any entertainment for weeks, and they need to force laughter)

Not surprisingly, the male dominated team won the physical challenge on the backs of Ralph and Mike who killed their parts of it.  Grant made some good pushes to keep his tribe in, but the advantage Ralph and Mike gave were just too much for Rob’s team to overcome, so yet again it was time for tribal council.

In a not-so-surprising move, the decision was going to be a toss-up between Kristina the player, and Phillip the nutjob.  They had to decide if they wanted to be annoyed for another few days while getting out the potential threat, or cut Phillip loose before they lost their mind.   They choose getting rid of Kristina (Rob’s biggest threat) first and deal with Phillip for another few days… and they didn’t even have to throw a challenge to do so.

Was getting rid of Kristina the right move?    If you were Rob, would you rather risk having her flip a few people and blind-side you for the sake of camp harmony?   Honestly this would have been a tough decision to make for me, Rob still doesn’t have the numbers considering Andrea is still scorned and easily flippable.   What are your thoughts on who should have gone home?   Let’s see if I can actually get some replies this week!

I don’t know what’s worse in a competition, pure quitters like NaOnka and Kelly Purple, or people who throw challenges.   In the game of Survivor, I’d have to say those who throw challenges for a few reasons.  Every season, the “recruited” to “applied” ratio is getting more and more in favor of the recruited – those who were approached by Survivor producers to be on the show for ratings.   Kelly Purple is an example of someone who was recruited – most likely due to her very strong personality (sarcasm alert) – so it’s no wonder she bailed when it started getting rough on her.  She went to get publicity to help her modeling career, mission accomplished, so it was time to stop the torture and leave the game.  You can blame the producers for a quitter more than the quitter, especially in the case of a recruit.

Those who throw a challenge though, it’s hard to forgive in this game, especially this early in.  Anyone who has seen more than 5 minutes of the shows 1 million seasons knows things can turn really quickly, and one thing you don’t want to do is willingly hand over numbers because someone makes you a sad panda in camp.   When you factor in it’s been like a week since the show started and only 2 people have been voted out, those on Zapatera are a bunch of dumb shits so far.

Before I keep going off on that, other stuff did happen this episode, including the first person officially eliminated from the game, which is weird to see on the 3rd episode, but I kind of like it so far.   Matt and Franchesqua were set to “duel” on Redemption Island (which doesn’t appear to actually be an island), and the loser will be sent home for good,  with the winner living another day.   Both tribes had two people randomly selected to go witness the first challenge for some reason.  Andrea was one of those chosen which made her happy allowing her to see her new bff/boyfriend (that she’s known a week) at least one last time before he’s sent back to the real world.  This also gave her a chance to let him know she didn’t vote for him, just in case he made it back she can have a good alliance… as if that were ever in doubt.

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One of the best Survivor seasons, Heroes vs Villains was released on Feb 25th, and you can get it right HERE.

This is the season that created the whole “Rob vs Russell” rivalry as they were both put on the villain tribe, and ended up creating 2 different factions on the tribe.  I can’t really say much without giving away spoilers from the season if you haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll just say this is strongly recommended to have in your dvd collection if you’re a survivor fan.   Sadly, right now this is only in DVD and not yet available in blu-ray, but if that ever becomes available, you’ll be the first to know.

I know this sounds like a cheap sales pitch, but buying the DVD’s is a good way to support the site!

Buy Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains on DVD through

Andrea and Matt getting close on the islandSo we’re two weeks into the season of Survivor: Redemption Island, and I already think it’s better than the entire least season.   It’s hard for me to say because I’ve actually chatted with quite a few contestants, and many of them were extremely friendly and polite despite the amount of messages I’m sure they received on facebook.    It’s just that last season was doomed from the start because of the horrible tribe setups, it never really found it’s legs.

The redemption island part of this season?  The most hyped up feature of the new season has yet to even have any impact on the game or strategy.    This week featured Francesca going to the island, lighting a fire, and writing in a journal..  easily the most uneventful thing the show has aired in many seasons now, that includes pretty much every moment Dan was on air last season.    You know you’re going to have a good season when you bring Rob and Russell back in the game, period.    And that brings us to this week’s random thoughts about Survivor segment that I just made up now!

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His foot makes his mouth dry

And we’re off!  The much anticipated season of Survivor has arrived, with old favorites Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz returning to the game to compete against each other, and the episode really didn’t disappoint.

Right away we got the long introduction with Jeff hyping up the season, and we can clearly see just from the helicopter ride that teams were going to be much more even than they were last season, regardless of the split.     No grandma Jane’s, no guy with about zero cartilage left in his knees, and no crazy old guy rambling about random things..  wait, scratch that last one.  There was Phillip, and based on this episode, I can simply say I hope he remains on the season for as long as possible. The guy screams entertainment.

The best part of the season is easily the fact that two of my personal favorite players are returning, Rob and Russell.   Love them or hate them, both of those players know how to play this game, and it’s great to see them both back in the same season, and competing against each other.   However, did anyone notice Russell sounds different?    Maybe he hit puberty late or something because his voice is definitely different.

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Amazon has announced that season 20 of Survivor (Heroes vs Villains) is ready for pre-order, so if you’re still doing some last minute shopping for a Survivor fan, this is a great gift!  This was arguably one of the better seasons of Survivor featuring your all-time favorite heroes (Rupert, James, Amanda) and Villains (Russell, Parvati, Boston Rob) squaring off.  All-Star seasons are usually very entertaining and this is no different, a definite ‘must-have’ if you’re a Survivor collector!

Pre-Order Survivor: Heroes vs Villains here

fabio wearing a mask blowing on fire

Boom, just like that, another week in the books, but this was one wildly entertaining week, so I may end up writing a novel about it.  I hope not, I’m not even sure people read my shit, last thing I need to do is scare them away with a post the size of a Harry Potter book.

Click more to read a full review on week 2, and leave feedback on the episode!

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Dans Shoes About To Sleep With Da Fishes

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