Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  NaOnka Mixon
Age: 27
Tribe: La Flor

Survivor: Nicaragua Na Onka Mixon

Survivor is only a few days away and I’ve been slacking on the contestants!  It seemed like just yesterday that Sandra Diaz was robbing Parvati and/or Russell out of their victories (either of them played their ass off compared to Sandra), but here we are with a new season coming up which I’m  sure will be full of backstabs, lies, manipulation, and based on the pictures from the La Flor tribe and some Espada, hot bodies and hot people.

On to NaOnka Mixon, or is it Na Onka?  I don’t know, so i’ll just go with NaOnka for now and hope that’s right.   She’s one of the older players from the La Flor tribe and her personal claim to fame is that she’s 27 with no kids!   Well I have no kids either, and I’m 31, so I expect Jeff Probst to be calling me any day now.  She claims she’s a firecracker who is also a rainbow and can also be thunder or lightning.   So she’s going to be loud, pretty, loud and full of electricity?   Ok, great, good luck with that on the show.

I’m undecided on her, I think she’s going to be a non figure until one episode where she fucks something  up and she’s made to look like the worst person in the world when she’s voted off sometime in the middle of the game

My odds of winning: 100-1

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