We’re down to the final TWO!!!  Either Russell or Nona will be the new head chef at LA Market, plus the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate wines before the end of the night.  The pressure is mounting!  Each chef has to design their own menu for the final dinner service, but first, it’s challenge time!  Both chefs are kidnapped and sent to LA Market in a helicopter.  Once they get there, they’re told they have to skydive down to the audience waiting below and are given parachutes.  The funniest part about this was that Russell started totally freaking out and almost crapped his pants.  It was all a false alarm though.  They ended up walking down to the audience instead.  Very disappointing, but I’m sure Russell was relieved.

I'll just freefall right here!

The first challenge is to create 5 separate dishes, soup, salad, pasta, fish and meat, and they will be judged by these really awesome judges.  Russell decided fusion was his thing, despite the fact that he didn’t do well in the fusion challenge, and Nona stuck with her southern flair.  The fusion idea worked well for Russell this time, since he won the challenge, beating Nona with 3 of the 5 dishes.  This, of course, swelled his ego even more.  Then they’re told to head back to the dorms where previous contestants from the season jump out of closets, scaring Russell and Nona, even though we all knew they were going to be there.  Russell’s reward for winning the challenge was that he got to pick the first team member, which I honestly think is the lamest reward Hell’s Kitchen has ever thought of.  Russell picks Jillian first, which makes sense since she made it so far.  He also ends up with Vinny, Sabrina, and Rob, which means Nona’s team consists of Gail, Melissa, Trev, and Boris.  Nona totally got the shaft.  I barely even remember Melissa and Boris certainly didn’t make any impressions on me, other than washing dishes in the middle of dinner service and sweating in the food.

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Before anything else can happen, Chef Ramsay tries to trick us with a little surprise!  He’s sending Melissa to the Blue Team and Trev to the Red Team.  Trev doesn’t appear to be very happy about this.

Trev gets switched to red team

Wasn’t it not too long ago that he was trying to schmooze with the Red Team to get on their good side?  Maybe he’s just upset that Gail hasn’t expressed her love for him yet.  Don’t worry, Trev, there’s still time.  Asking her periodically to make out with you is a good start.

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Boris feels he gets no respect, so the Blue Team agrees to give him another chance.  He thinks he’s one of the best cooks there, he has to prove it.  Makes sense to me.  Meanwhile, the Red Team (minus Sabrina and Jillian) are going to do their best to get Sabrina out of there.  They’re on a mission!

That morning, Chef Ramsay announces the challenge of the day.  Hell’s Kitchen will be hosting a prom!  Not just any prom, but the Beverly Hills High School prom, which means a lot if you’ve ever seen Beverly Hills 90210.  The only difference is that these kids on the prom committee look about 20 years younger than Brenda and Dylan looked when they went to school there.


The challenge is that each team has to create 1 appetizer and 2 entrees, which the prom committee will sample and judge.  They’re looking for something “light, but filling.”  And they’re off!

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First thing in the morning, Chef Ramsay gets started on a “no smoking” campaign by asking which chefs smoke.


I actually think it’s less than in previous seasons, because it’s only less than half.  Ramsay asks them to quit smoking because it ruins their palate and they can taste the food properly.  They agree to try.  Then he mentions the challenge of the day!  Ravioli!  They have to make their own ravioli and then rank them in order from 1 to 6, best to worst.  I get really hungry at this point, because ravioli is one of the most awesome foods in the entire world.

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Saddle up the drama llama!  It’s time for another episode of Hell’s Kitchen!


To start off the day, the contestants are woken up by paramedics rushing through the dorms.  Naturally, they’re all confused and think there’s an emergency.


It turns out the paramedics are just giving them physicals and we get the pleasure of seeing Raj in his underwear.

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If these were the 16 chefs chosen out of 10,000 applicants, I would hate to see the other 9,984.  I will say, though, that the intro. was really cool.  Chef Ramsay as Gulliver?  It doesn’t get any better than that.


I was interested to see what Ramsay had up his sleeve as a surprise right off the bat.  Last season, he had his wife dress up in a bad wig and pass off as a contestant.  This season, it was kind of boring.  Since the restaurant (LA Market) where the winner will be head chef was a local joint, they went there to meet Ramsay.  The restaurant is gorgeous though.  I almost want to make a trip to LA just to eat there…before one of these goons is head chef.  I value my life.


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Hell’s Kitchen season 8 contestants have been announced!  Now I don’t know where the casting people find some of these yahoos, but they never fail to disappoint.  But before I begin the who, what, where, and whys of the new contestants, let me just mention this one issue that has always bugged me about the show.  Almost every contestant smokes.  I have nothing against smokers, but isn’t smoking supposed to kill your taste buds?  You can correct me if I’m wrong, since I’ve never smoked.  It just always seemed weird to me. The prize for the season 8 winner will be a head chef position at LA Market, which is located at JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles.  They will also be the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines.  I’m guessing the second position is only because they will be going no further than Los Angeles, which, to me, seems a huge disappointment compared to previous seasons.

Meet the newest contestants of Hell’s Kitchen:

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