Survivor One World:  Christina Cha
Age: 29
Tribe: Salani

Survivor One WOrld Christina Cha

Meet Christina Cha, another cast member on the all-female tribe of Salani. She is a very busy woman, and very career oriented.  So much that she even consults others on their careers.  I’m not sure how she’ll do on the show, but she’s a very pretty girl, so I’m sure she’ll do well with the male viewers.  Here are some more photos of Christina…

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the amazing race 20 mark and bopperBopper (the guy on the left) has so much swag I can’t even stand it.  I mean first he runs around with the name bopper, how cool is that?   Then he’s rocking the shit out of his Kentucky shirt, and even has matching shoes.  Pure badass.

Mark and Bopper’s offiical bios are after the jump:

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the amazing race season 20Meet Dave and Rachel, a married couple from Wisconsin. He’s a 33 year old Army Officer, and she’s a 30 year old Project Manager (and kind of looks like an older Maci Bookout from Teen Mom).  Their official biography is after the jump:

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Survivor One World:  Nina Acosta
Age: 51
Tribe: Salani

Here we meet 51 year old retired LAPD officer, Nina Acosta.  She competed twice to become the first female SWAT member in L.A., but failed both times.  Well, I wouldn’t really use the word ‘failed’.  She passed the training course, but was still left out, sued for discrimination and won $2 million dollars.  Personally I’d rather have the $2 million than be on a SWAT team, so it sounds like she’s a winner in my eyes.

Unless she managed her money like a rapper, she’s still probably sitting comfortably, so she is likely one of those people who will use this as an ‘experience’ and will rub people the wrong way until she’s booted pretty early.  Then again, she could show some super strong leadership on her all-female tribe and make it to merge.  I take her as a ‘love her or hate her’ type, and time will tell how her tribe feels.

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Survivor One World:  Jay Byars
Age: 25
Tribe: Manono

Survivor One World Jay Byars

Jay Byars is a model from South Carolina who is on the all-male tribe of Manono.  He brings his good looks and high pitched voice to the new season of Survivor: One World.  To read more about Jay Byars, check out his profile on Survivor Junkies

Here are some more photos of Jay

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Survivor Redemption Island Rob MarianoIf you’re a Survivor fan, you probably don’t need any introduction to this guy, Rob Mariano “Boston Rob”, who is a whore to the game of reality TV.   Or pretty soon to be known as “Always a bridesmaid, but married to a bride” Rob.    Here is his list of reality shows:

Survivor: Marquesas – 2002 – (finished: 10th place)
The Player – 2004 (failed reality show)
Survivor: All-Stars – 2004 – (finished: 2nd to his future wife Ambahhh)
Rob and Amber Get Married – 2005 (show about their wedding)
The Amazing Race 7 – 2005 – (finished: 2nd with his wife Ambahhh)
The Amazing Race 11 – 2007 – (finished 8th with his wife Ambahhh)
Rob and Amber: Against The Odds – 2007 (scripted reality-drama)
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – 2010 – (finished: 13th)
Survivor: Redemption Island – 2011 – (finished: ???)

He has had 5 more shots at winning a huge prize than most other reality contestants, and has finished 2nd twice, but he still gets to home to his million dollar wife, Ambahhh. Don’t cry over his losses, however.  Over the course of his reality show career, I’m guessing Rob has picked up quite a bit of his own money.  He’s won cars, won $250k for finishing 2nd in All-Stars, and I’m sure he and his wife got a nice little check for their other reality adventures.   Even if Rob gets voted out in the first 2-3 weeks, I’m willing to bet he’s still going home to a 7 figure bank account.

That leads me to my prediction for this season.   If you’re a huge Boston Rob fan,  I’d pick up the Survivor: All Stars DVD because I don’t think you’ll be seeing him very long this season.   Why?  Is he a shitty player?  No, far from that.  I actually think Rob is one of the better Survivor players to have played the game, despite the losses.    The fact that he’s playing against a bunch of rookie players means he’s going to have an instant target on his back, and he’ll likely be one of the first voted out.   His only hope is if they get starstruck, make him a leader, and keep him around for awhile, but he’ll still have a target the entire game, so I doubt he’ll make merge even if he can last a few weeks.

It’s too bad they put a Rob vs Russell situation with a bunch of rookie players who know all about those two players.  It’s really unfair to put them back in the game like that.  They should have done something like  Survivor: Rob vs Russell, and allowed them to pick their own teams from past cast members, as well as give them each individual immunity for the first 2-3 tribal councils because they’re “leaders”.

I think the fact that there really hasn’t been a whole lot of hype surrounding this Rob vs Russell situation, even during the reunion show last season when Jeff conveniently stood between the two while announcing this season, means it’s going to be a very anti-climactic return for both.   Hopefully I’m wrong, I like both players and would love to see them in the final two.

Survivor begins this Wed, hopefully we’ll still be blogging about Rob next Wed.

Show: Survivor Redemption Island
Contestant:  Steve Wright
Age: 51
Tribe: Zapatera

Survivor Redemption Island Steve Wright

Not this guy

Here we have our second former NFL player this season, except this guy had more than a cup of coffee in the league.   Our other football player is Grant Mattos, but Steve Wright (no not that Steve Wright) played for 13 seasons as an offensive lineman, and looks pretty good for 51 years old.   Sure, he’s not as jacked as Grant, but it should be interesting to see how he does.

Here is the rest of the bio:

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Show: Survivor Redemption Island
Contestant:  Stephanie Valencia
Age: 25
Tribe: Zapatera

Survivor Redemption Island Stephanie ValenciaHere we have Stephanie Valencia, from Long Beach, California.  Based on her bio “who in their right mind would decline an offer to play the greatest game ever“, and her acting work, she screams recruited mactor looking to expand her portfolio.   I’m used to mactors and they don’t bother me as much as they used to, but there is always the risk of a Kelly Purple situation where they realize they got in over their head and bail on the game.  It doesn’t help she’s wearing purple!!!   I don’t think she’s going to walk, but being a mactor always makes me fear they’re not going to give it as much as others do.  I hope she proves me wrong..

Here is her CBS bio and another photo

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Show: Survivor Redemption Island
Contestant:  Sarita White
Age: 36
Tribe: Zapatera

Sarita White Redemption Island SurvivorMeet Sarita White, the child of hippies, and someone who enjoys getting from point A to point B without a dollar in her pocket.  I hope point A is her bedroom and point B is her bathroom because that’s all I can relate to.  I need cash in my pocket any time I go out, for the simple reason of grabbing food or a drink which I enjoy having while I drive around.   Hey, I get dry mouth a lot, what can I say.   Ok, I’m rambling and this isn’t about me, it’s about Sarita, but when you haven’t seen an episode and avoid spoiler sites, there isn’t a whole lot to go on.

Here is her CBS bio for more info:

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Show: Survivor Redemption Island
Contestant:  Natalie Tenerelli
Age: 19
Tribe: Ometepe

Natalie Tenerelli Survivor Redemption IslandMeet Natalie Tenerelli, a 19 year old dancer from… drumroll… California, and your first evicted from the game.  Just kidding, I have no clue if she’s gone, but history on Survivor is very hit or miss for young pretty girls, sometimes they’re first or second out, sometimes they charm their way to the finals.   Russell is a sucker for that, so if she’s on his team and can get under his wing, well actually that’s a bad idea because he’s going to have a huge target on him…

If she can play her game like Kelly Purple minus the quitting part, look for her to go a long way. I mention Kelly mostly because they’re both really young, and Kelly did well just staying out of the radar because of how quiet and non-threatening she came off.

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