Brenda Lowe Chase Naonka talk on beachThis season has been about random alliances forming and dropping faster than Linsday Lohan spending time out of rehab, so it’s no surprise this week had more of that, more of Marty vs Jane and more of Brenda and Sash just showing who exactly is running the game.   Alina once said that you keep the pawns and use them, but not if you’re both queens (and this isn’t a shot at Sash’s sexual preference, though it probably could be).

Marty fooled Fabio into thinking he was a chess master, and I’m sure Marty thought he was playing some sort of game of chess this season, but the reality is, Brenda and Sash are the ones playing chess, everyone else is playing checkers.

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Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Matthew Lenahan “Sash”
Age: 30
Tribe: La Flor

Matthew "Sash" Lenahan,

I’ve been doing the Survivor Nicaragua cast in alphabetical order (by first name obviously) and it took me until the letter “M” to find the super arrogant cast member who thinks the game was built to cater to him.  Meet Matthew Lenahan, aka Sash, the guy who’s hobbies include running and … dating beautiful women.  Serious?   Does he run while he’s dating these beautiful women?  Like go on dates where they jog around Central Park while he talks about himself and how successful of a Real Estate Broker he is?

He claims no survivor fan has ever seen what he will bring to this game.  What is that?   Are you going to do cartwheels while shitting firecrackers and rainbows? NaOnka may be impressed by that but it’s going to take a lot to surprise the same fans who got to watch Richard Hatch walk around butt naked in the very first season, people hand over their immunity idols to one of the most hated contestants ever, or James essentially get removed from the game twice by injuries.  How that all ties together, I don’t know but it sounded clever.

I hated Russell Hantz early in his first season, but when I seen him finding idols, and really manipulating the hell out of his tribe, I was sold.  He became my favorite player and pulled for him in Villains vs Heroes.  Sash has the potential to kick ass and also be great if he can back up his words and pull some clever shit, but he seems all talk.  I think he’s going to get himself into all types of trouble, but it’s possible he’ll worm his way out of it and make it pretty deep.

My odds of winning: 85-1

This is a tough one, I gave him low odds to actually win the game, but I would give him high odds to sneak his way into the top 5.