Express Pass

Aaaaaaand, they’re off!   The Amazing Race 17 began last night out of the city of Gloucester, MA, and sadly our buddy JimmyT from Survivor wasn’t there to send them off, but we’ll take Phil anyway.  Before Phil sent them off on their wild journey around the world, he announced something new to this season’s race, and no, it wasn’t that one team was going to be eliminated before even leaving the country, it was the Express Pass.  The first team to finish this leg of the race earns this pass which they can use at their choice, and it allows them to skip an event which could be huge later in the race.

Like my buddy Jimmy T, Phil isn’t much for words, so he tells them their bags are nearby, go get them and fuck off.. oops, wrong show.   That’s on Wednesday night on Fox… oh that Ramsay.

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