Brenda Lowe Chase Naonka talk on beachThis season has been about random alliances forming and dropping faster than Linsday Lohan spending time out of rehab, so it’s no surprise this week had more of that, more of Marty vs Jane and more of Brenda and Sash just showing who exactly is running the game.   Alina once said that you keep the pawns and use them, but not if you’re both queens (and this isn’t a shot at Sash’s sexual preference, though it probably could be).

Marty fooled Fabio into thinking he was a chess master, and I’m sure Marty thought he was playing some sort of game of chess this season, but the reality is, Brenda and Sash are the ones playing chess, everyone else is playing checkers.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

With the merge pending, Dan Lembo finally climbs off the bottom of the list as nobody is going to vote him out now. Who is last now? Is Sash still on top? Find out after the jump

Teflon Dan taking you into the power rankings
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Kelly Shinn Talking about milking milkLast week on Survivor: Nicaragua was full of toilet butts, blindsides, and a double elimination, to say there was a drop off in excitement between the weeks would be an understatement.  The biggest surprise this week was that just a day after saying Kelly Shinn never speaks, she actually got a few lines on camera, by herself!  After those lines, I’m not sure we’ll be hearing from her again.

It was good to finally hear her talk, or even see she really existed, but between her few speaking parts and my post yesterday about how that is sometimes the kiss of death, I was wondering if her number was up tonight.   Keep reading to find out..

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Name:  Kelly Shinn
Show:  Survivor:Nicaragua

Kelly Shinn Football HelmetMeet Kelly Shinn, aka “Purple Kelly” due to having two Kelly’s on her tribe during her season of Survivor:Nicaragua (the other being Kelly Bruno).   She a 20 year old from Arizona, but current living in the beautiful Hawaii.  So far on the season of Survivor, she has been on the LaFlor tribe and in a very tight alliance with Brenda Lowe, and “Sash“, which should carry her pretty far in the game, minus any blindsides.     She hasn’t been a very quote-worthy player on the show, as nearly every show her only speaking time consists of her vote at tribal council (which doesn’t happen often).   Even Jeff, who is known to practically include everyone at tribal, rarely calls on her for her opinion.

Is this a good sign for her?   She is having the makings of a contestant you barely hear from until her one episode where the editing makes her seem all crazy and she get’s voted out, so if you suddenly see a Kelly Shinn heavy episode, and are a fan of hers, be very concerned.   Normally the producers like you to really get to know a) the finalists and b) really entertaining players, which Kelly appears to be neither.

To make up for her lack of speaking, I’ve included some photos of Kelly for her fans to enjoy after the jump

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Fabio JudsonI’m going to start off by saying that Judson (aka Fabio) is quickly becoming one of my favorite cast members all-time, and I hope he stays along all season.  I know that’s probably the kiss of death for a contestant, but there, I put it out there.  Sorry, Jud.

But I mean this guy is serious comedic gold, I want to take around a mini Fabio in my pocket and pull him out to just tell me random things through the day.  That would be awesome!

Ok, enough about Judson, there was an episode of Survivor: Nicaragua this week and it was a pretty exciting one with two evictions…

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Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Kelly Shinn
Age: 20
Tribe: La Flor


And for our second installment of the Kelly’s in the La Flor tribe, you have the younger(?) one in Kelly Shinn.. but I question the younger.  I mean look at that face.  She’s either a heavy smoker or someone photoshopped a 40 year old head on a 20 year old’s body.   I mean don’t get me wrong, she’s smokin hot for 40, but wow was I shocked to see that.

Looking at her bio, there is nothing that really stands out for me.  She’s proud she made homecoming, in I assume 1978, and she’s a 3rd year nursing student who hates dirty fingernails.  Serious, Kelly?  Dirty fingernails?  You do realize you’re going on Survivor, right?

Anyway, based on her Survivor interview, I don’t think she’s extremely intelligent.  In fact, watching that reminds me of something… hmmmm … oh, right….


Kelly Shinn says “This is a mental game.  If I can hang in there mentally, then, I can win

Sorry Kelly, you just lost.

My odds of winning: 250-1

But on the bright side, I do have a few more images of her after the jump…

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