Fabio JudsonI’m going to start off by saying that Judson (aka Fabio) is quickly becoming one of my favorite cast members all-time, and I hope he stays along all season.  I know that’s probably the kiss of death for a contestant, but there, I put it out there.  Sorry, Jud.

But I mean this guy is serious comedic gold, I want to take around a mini Fabio in my pocket and pull him out to just tell me random things through the day.  That would be awesome!

Ok, enough about Judson, there was an episode of Survivor: Nicaragua this week and it was a pretty exciting one with two evictions…

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Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Ahh just like I expected, some very large changes in the rankings due to the tribal shift, and I have them after the jump to prevent spoilers

So here is a picture of Jane calling Marty and Jill ticks as she goes a bit crazy on us.

Jane playing with ticks

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Alina Talking About NaOnka

So last week we were left off with a teaser of Jeff saying “drop your buffs”, which of course resulted in the first few minutes of the show doing a little foreshadowing of this event playing clips of Holly in camp saying how she felt like she was on the outs, and Marty saying something that probably tempted the producers to make the change in the first place.   “It would take something extraordinary, off the charts, completely whacked out to disturb my plans now”  and bang, there you have it Marty, be prepared for just such a thing because this week it’s tribe mix up time!

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Kelly Bruno and Alina Walk along beach

Previews for next week’s Survivor: Nicaragua couldn’t be more clear, and an inside source also vaguely confirmed the clue that next week both teams will in fact be dropping their buffs.

Now, obviously this early in the season this isn’t going to be a tribe merge, so the best guess is that the producers realized the Old vs Young isn’t a good scenario when put into action, especially when the younger tribe are all extremely fit, and the older tribe features a guy who can’t play on mud because his knees, a 67 year old man, and a 56 year old lady. Don’t get me wrong, there are some on Espada who can hold their own.  If you stack an older tribe with guys like Tyrone, and women like Holly and Yve who are clearly very fit, while putting a few slobs like myself on the younger tribe, things may have been more balanced.

So, what does this mean for the alliances?  Well, it means a lot since both sides had strong 4+ person alliances ready to dominate and meet at merge.   Marty, Jill, Dan, and a lesser extent, Yve and Tyrone were together and on the LaFlor side, Sash, Chase, NaOnka, Kelly Shinn and Brenda Lowe were just picking off the tribe one by one (if they ever lost).

This puts a big shakeup in the plans of Marty and Brenda who were both leading their alliances, and could put a huge wrench in everything. Kelly Bruno and Alina will certainly get a second life from this, Dan won’t have his alliance to cling to, and others like Holly also get a fresh start.   Of course for the first episode or two, original alliances will try to stick together, but we’ve all seen Survivor before, very few alliances that large stick together for long periods of time.

I have a strong feeling that the Survivor Power Rankings are going to have a big shake-up over this move as well, so keep that page bookmarked and check weekly to see the updates!


I normally take a silly quote from the show and attach a header image relating to the quote, but since the quote came from NaOnka for the 2nd week in a row, and she’s been pretty bitchy lately, I don’t feel like giving her a big image on the main screen.    So here is a picture of Kelly Bruno and Alina searching for the idol taking you into the recap of this week’s Survivor: Nicaragua.

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fabio wearing a mask blowing on fire

Boom, just like that, another week in the books, but this was one wildly entertaining week, so I may end up writing a novel about it.  I hope not, I’m not even sure people read my shit, last thing I need to do is scare them away with a post the size of a Harry Potter book.

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Dans Shoes

Dans Shoes About To Sleep With Da Fishes

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Kelly Bruno is not fooling anyone here


Tyrone gives the stink-eye

Survivor: Nicaragua has finally kicked off and it couldn’t have been full of more awkward moments and unintentional humor.   The episode started off pretty clever, mixing up random people walking them down to the beach, which allowed people to eye up their new tribe, or in Tyrone’s case, likely give them then stink-eyeup.

You had Marty Piombo basically questioning wtf Jimmy Johnson was doing with them, as I’m sure the viewers collectively nodded their heads in agreement.    Brenda Lowe deciding she’s very, very, very single and going to play that to her advantage, and Alina thinking Kelly Bruno has “maybe like a hip problem”.  Sorry Alina, it’s no hip problem, think lower.


Marty Congratulates Brenda

Before Jimmy Johnson had to lay down for his afternoon nap, Jeff already sent them on their first challenge, and this one was to find the much anticipated “Medallion of Power”.  The trick was though, whoever won it did so for their tribes, so naturally Marty got excited when Brenda discovered the medallion then proceeded to climb the tree slower than a sloth.  Seriously, both tribes were half-way up the tree before she finally got the medallion.

Jeff then decided to reveal the ole “Hey guys, remember when you were excited about winning?  Well guess what, that wasn’t your tribe, suckas!” routine and promptly destroyed the good feeling the oldies.  Smooth move Jeff, Jimmy can’t handle all this pressure!   He then gave the youngin’s their first big decision.. keep the medallion, or give it up and take all types of cool shit.  Flints, fishing equipment.. the works.    The youngins, not realizing they’re far more athletic decided to give up the medallion even though it could have meant a free trip to the finals.   Good decision making there.

So the tribes gather up, the oldies lick their wounds and head to old person camp, while the youngins get all fired up and make their way to the La Flor camp.    » Read more..

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Kelly Bruno
Age: 26
Tribe: La Flor

kellybruno1 survivor candidate

And no Survivor season can be complete without the token hot, athletic amputee.  Wait, what?  Yes, this season on Survivor Nicaragua, there will be a chick with one leg (since near birth) who recently lost her father when he was in Haiti serving food to the poor and was killed in the earthquake.

But, with all that said, this is still a competitive game and it’s going to be hard for her to do some challenges.  Combined with the sympathy vote, I can see an early exit from her.  Look how quickly they got rid of James when he was down to one leg.  James was a strong competitor, would have easily won if he hit the final 3 and the tribe saw an opportunity to pounce and did.  I suspect the same fate will happen with Kelly Bruno this season.

My odds of winning: 150-1

Am I weird for being strangely attracted to her though?  Check out some more pictures after the jump.

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