So long Russia!  We had our fun, we had our challenges, and we had our tears, but it’s time we must leave and get back to the Amazing Race 17, where the challenges are easy, the guys are angry, and if you sleep 2 hours past your check-in time, you still have a chance to win.

The race began with teams frantically rushing to the airport to get first in like which allowed two teams (Kat and Nat) and (Brook and Claire) to get a flight two hours earlier than the rest of the teams who were clearly screwed for the rest of the leg.  This was going to be a battle to be middle of the pack with Chad and Stephanie now 2 hours late to the airport easily the team going home this week.  Right?   Keep reading to find out…

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Names: Kat / Nat
Connection:  Friends
Ages: 35 / 31

Kat Nat Amazing Race 17

Awww how cute, two doctors, both with similar nicknames.    What’s funny is Kat’s fear of traveling is getting sick, and that’s not the first time I’ve seen that fear in these bios.   Of all the things to fear about flying across the World in a tin can, the thing you fear is getting sick while you’re a doctor, and your partner is as well?  Yikes.  She must know some crazy things about World-Wide diseases.

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