Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Judson “Jud” Birza
Age: 21
Tribe: La Flor


While Mulari may like to bang out all the contestants with one shot, I like to take my time, massage the contestants, work them… wait, that sounds incredibly gay especially after the picture of Jud here.  Seriously bro, you’re not fooling anyone with the shirtless drumming Mr Magoo look.   He’s lucky he’s not on the Espada Tribe because my man Jimmy Tyne would see right through this and get his ass voted out on Day 1.

Judson, aka “Jud” is another in a long line of Survivor “mactors”, a term used for a model/actor who joins the show to help launch their careers from doing poorly produced porn flicks to mainstream porn flicks.   Surprisingly, many mactors actually do decently in the show mostly due to being the eye candy which draws a portion of the ratings now that the show is in it’s 21st season, that is until they do something stupid like hand immunity idols over or randomly change votes which gets them eliminated.

Will Jud be another mactor to be laughed off the show?  Or will he actually succeed this season?   I think he’s going to be carried to near merge due to La Flor likely dominating Espada, but I can’t see him coming in any earlier than 7th place.

My odds of winning: 75-1

And for the ladies, 2 more photos of Mr Magoo after the jump

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