Jillian Michaels on the biggest loserLast night on The Biggest Loser, they managed to stretch about 45 minutes of show into a 2 hour long episode, and it showed.   First, teams were given a test from each trainer on various aspects of what they’ve learned so far.  After being graded up to  100 from each trainer, the highest combined point getter would receive a nice check for $10k, which may be chump change to what we see handed out weekly on The Amazing Race, but it’s still a nice reward.

Bob tested them on their ability to teach a spinning class when they leave the show, Cara tested them on seeing how close they can get their faces without actually making  out with her, and Jillian did some sort of motivation test, but to be honest I fast forwarded her part because she annoys me.   Brett seemed to be the only trainer with an actual grading system in place (which makes since considering his father is a professor), as the rest just randomly handed out 100’s, 95’s and so on based on how they felt during the test.

When that part was done, it was time for their final product placement challenge, to play The Biggest Loser on Xbox Kinect with the ever annoying Alison Sweeney narrating it the entire way through – fun.   The winner of the product placement challenge will get 100 points added to their total, second place will earn 90, third 80 and so on down to 60 points to the loser.  This apparently confused Alison as she told everyone they were still in the race despite Irene (I believe) being roughly 80 points lower than the top score which completely eliminated her from any chance of winning the money.

Olivia ended up winning the overall prize, with her sister, Hannah, finishing a very close second despite winning the Kinect challenge further proving it would have taken a near meltdown by Olivia to lose the money, making the Xbox challenge pretty much a waste of about 15 minutes of airtime.

Next up was some chatting about stuff which I found myself hitting the ‘ahead 30 second’ button on my DVR more than I’d like to admit as a reality show blogger until the second challenge which looked like something out of the Survivor playbook. Teams had to stack sandbags to a certain level before they can climb these huge stairs until they got to the top and raised their flag.   And of course, like Survivor, Alison had to continue her Jeff Probst narration the entire way through which again quickly forced me to look for the fast forward button until I saw the winner – Austin – earn an extra pound at the weigh-in.   Not a bad prize this late in the game, that’s for sure.

Up next were the last chance workouts which featured every trainer giving motivational screams with “LAST CHANCE WORKOUT” mixed in randomly like they were robots programmed to say that every 15 words regardless LAST CHANCE WORKOUT if it formed an  actual sentence.

The weigh-in was of course drawn out to take about 40 minutes to do something that should be knocked out in 5 minutes, but that wasn’t the shocking part of the show.   Alison gave both Olivia (winner of $10k) and Austin (winner of 1 pound) a chance to swap out their rewards for the opposite.  Austin kept his pound, which pleased the trainers, but when Olivia decided to also keep her prize instead of earning an extra pound on the scale, it raised the thick eyebrows of one trainer, Jillian Michaels.   She didn’t exactly approve of the decision, which is fine, she works hard to train these people, but when Olivia lost 5 pounds, Jillian gave her a lecture how she’s not happy about it at all because the 6th pound could have kept her safe.

I’d like to take a moment and say I’m thrilled this will be Jillian’s last season on the show because that self-righteous bullshit is why I can’t stand her in the first place.   Olivia was thrilled with not only losing 5 additional pounds giving her a total of 108 pounds lost this season, she got to take home the $10k which would greatly help her family.  That wasn’t good enough for the multi-millionaire trainer Jillian Michaels.   She had to quickly rain on Olivia’s parade by making her feel like shit that she put herself and her sister at risk by choosing the money over the extra pound.

While the $250k final reward is certainly a fantastic prize, this isn’t like other game shows where players spend all season just focused on the end reward.  Each one of those remaining five players have already completely changed their health and their future by adding years to their life, and may actually be happy with those results regardless of the final outcome.   Olivia weighs 153 pounds now and looks great along with every other member.. maybe, just maybe, she’s happy with that even if she ended up going home.   Sure, $10k is nothing if you’re spitting out dvd’s, books, weight setsvideo games, protein mix, fat burner, workout pants, bras, sleeves, sweatshirts, and of course calenders, but for the regular people out there, that’s a lot of money and combined with her new healthy lifestyle, maybe it was worth it to her.

I think the show can only improve once she’s gone, and hopefully she can take Alison Sweeney with her.