As per usual, the final episode of Survivor was a lead-in to the reunion special where they counted the votes to award the winner of the one million dollar prize.   If you live under a rock and still don’t know who won and are waiting for DVR, avoid this post because there may be some spoilers.

  • When Brenda Lowe was up for elimination, she said there was a whole scene that took place which didn’t even air.  I was one of the many people who wondered why Sash didn’t give her the idol to strengthen their alliance, but apparently as he was enjoying his reward zip-lining over Nicaragua, Brenda was actually plotting on getting Sash out of the game.  NaOnka told him about that prior to the tribal council, and that’s why he didn’t give his idol to her, and his alliance fell apart.  I wonder why they didn’t show that.
  • Jimmy Johnson said the show actually saved his life.   He said he’s tried multiple times to go on the show, and on a recent season, one of the Survivor doctors called him up and told him during his check-up, he had two blocked arteries and needed to get that taken care of.  He had stents put in, and passed the physical for this season.   Applying a few years ago most likely saved his life.
  • Jeff asked if Marty and Jane made up, and the always honest Marty said there will be no future friendship.  Why is this newsworthy?  It was just interesting because most people under that pressure lie and say they’re best friends now.  Not Marty, and that’s why it was too bad he was booted when he was.
  • NaOnka said she didn’t realize it would rain so much… in the rain forest.
  • Speaking of, because of NaOnka and Purple Kelly quitting, Jeff announced a new rule change for future seasons.   If someone quits for anything non medically related, the show has the right to refuse them being on the jury.  This explains why they still allowed those to participate in the show like other contestants.
  • Jeff tried to allow Shannon to redeem himself and his comments towards Sash and gay people in general, but Shannon stood by his comments and was quickly cut off by Jeff and the subject was changed.   This confirms one thing, Shannon is still a douche.
  • Despite heavy rumors of a Rob vs Russell season 22, nothing was announced about this despite a) Russell was in the shot as Jeff was talking to Rob, and b) he allowed Rob to introduce the teaser to the upcoming season.
  • Jane won the $100k fan choice vote by an overwhelming amount.   This kind of shocks me as I didn’t really find anything exciting about her, and in fact she was one of the most annoying people on the show to me.   The best part of her was obvious, she was an old trooper and busted her ass competing with young players, so I can see that draw, but her personality really killed it for me.

Here is a gallery of the reunion show after the jump:

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The season finale of Survivor Nicaragua kind of came out of nowhere to me.  I guess I should have expected it, but was a little shocked last Wednesday when they announced it was set for last night in a 3 hour special.   Then I checked and seen there was a 4pm football game, which no doubt was set to screw up the timing of the show, and to top it off, my Patriots were in Sunday Night Football.  Needless to say, it was a busy night for me, but rest assured, DVR screw-ups aside, I was manage to catch every moment of the 2 hour episode + 1 hour reunion special and ready to finish off what was a huge letdown of a season.

Maybe it was due to me blogging every minute of every episode, and the first time I’ve ever watched the show with a notepad.   This is also the first time I’ve tried to add all the contestants to facebook to see what they have to say about the show and book interviews (which didn’t happen this season, but I should have plenty of exclusive interviews next season as Vicki from The Amazing Race helped me on that front – she’s a great person btw).   Needless to say, this was a different experience for me, which could have resulted in a season that didn’t feel as exciting as seasons past.

Perhaps it wasn’t me, perhaps it was just the season?  I have read a lot of other different opinions on the season, and I’m gathering it’s been a fairly weak in general.    The old vs young concept was extremely flawed to begin with as they stacked the young tribe with very fit people including a girl with one leg who was in better physical shape than the majority of both tribes.   The old tribe was mixed with some physical people like Tyrone, some smart people like Marty and Jill, but some general nutjobs like Jimmy T and Wendy.   In order to throw a life-line to the old tribe, they nixed the format only a few episodes in, and did traditional teams, but only after the young tribe bonded and formed tight alliances.  Needless to say, some people who actually played the game (Marty) were completely screwed from the start which allowed people like Purple Kelly to advance as far as they did, only to quit randomly.

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fabio sad pantsThis blog post is sponsored by Sprint Evo 4G.  Ok, not really, but seeing as last night’s episode was, I may as well get in on the action.  Two times a year they seem to have an episode based around a certain sponsor, one is usually a movie where they theme a challenge around it then send the winners to see a private screening, the second is family night when they even have the cast mention the brand of the phone they’re looking at the photos on.

“Oh wow, look at my family on this new Spring Evo 4G phone.  The clarity is so amazing.”

“Hey guys, did you like the photos of your family on that Spring Evo 4G phone?   Forgot about your family, what did you think of the phone?  It was great, right?”

Of course with family night comes the sobbing, happiness, then pouting and whining if you lose and are not picked by the winner to enjoy the reward.

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When the producers of Survivor were drawing up their plans for season 21, Survivor: Nicaragua, I don’t think this is anything near what they envisioned.   They had this clever little plan to have a young and fit model types against an older, experienced tribe.   They threw in the medallion of power which was supposed to sway power back and forth, potentially giving the weaker (*cough* older) tribe a head start on challenges so they don’t get pegged off one by one.

Fast forward a bunch of weeks, the medallion was removed from the game because the younger tribe wasn’t even using it yet still winning, “old vs young” was scrapped, teams were shuffled once before they hit the merge, then their eye-candy was getting picked off one by one, slowly killing their male 18-30 demo.  Finally they were left with one person who brought drama with her wherever she went, and the other was the last bit of eye-candy even though she said like 5 words all season.   Yet in the same week, both quit the show leaving the remaining cast of an intense competitor (Benry), two ditzy people (Jane and Fabio), one major floater (Dan), one sap (Chase), and only two real thinkers (Holly and Sash).

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Kelly Purple has nothing left to suckWith the week off due to Thanksgiving, it feels like it’s been a year since I last blogged about Survivor, and we were teased with mentions of people quitting to ponder for two weeks.  The time has arrived, and we finally get to see if not one, but two contestants have decided to take the easy way out of the game.

I don’t know if Nicaragua is any better or worse than other locations, but this is the first time I can remember with this much talk of people walking off the show.  Five days in, Holly Hoffman was strongly considering saying see-ya to Jimmy Johnson and crew. Three episodes later, we had NaOnka crying about the weather and talking of quitting that bitch, then the very next episode it was Dan’s time to complain and consider driving his Range Rover back up to New York and his 20 houses wearing $1,500 shoes.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Kelly purple making a weird faceFor the first time in many weeks, the entire tribe changed ranks, so that tells you this was a very important vote and a huge game changer, all started by the person in 2nd place right now, Holly Hoffman.

In a surprise, three of the original Espada members are in, and in good shape in the top 5 right now and don’t appear to be going any time soon. NaOnka likely shot herself in the foot by leaving the original “minority alliance” (her words not mine), backstabbing a jury member, and now essentially being a floater in the game. She still has an idol, but it won’t take long to flush it.

rankings after the jump:

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Brenda and her court

One thing I enjoy doing while watching reality shows is to try and figure out what the editors left in were either foreshadowing future events, fake foreshadowing to mislead us, or simply laziness where they were going to lead us to something but forgot.

The tribe covering the fire with wood

This seems like a good idea

Tonight we had a few of those right off the bat.  First was Brenda talking about how she’s running the show, alsocalling Sash a queen (another reference so crazy Shannon’s week 2 rant?).  That’s usually never a good sign, but that early it’s also likely a misleading foreshadow.    However, the very poor editing of Fabio explaining why they covered the fire with their wooden chests was definitely something to watch out for, and sure enough, we found out shortly after the reward challenge.  I think you can already guess it, but I’ll act like a reality show editor and leave you guessing for a few minutes anyway..

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Alina making one last attempt to stayIt’s that wonderful time of the year!  No, I certainly don’t mean winter (brrr), nor do I mean holiday season (kill me trying to shop between Nov-Dec), the wonderful time of the year is the time when both tribes in Survivor get together and push aside all their differences and merge!  Wait, it doesn’t really happen like that, especially this season when the producers introduced a horrible Old vs Young format, then changed it mid game.   All it really did was give the younger tribe the numbers, then split them up so they can learn their competition before re-joining to continue their systematic elimination of the older players.

More of the merge after the jump!  Don’t worry, it’s not so gloomy, it was actually a pretty good episode

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Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

With the merge pending, Dan Lembo finally climbs off the bottom of the list as nobody is going to vote him out now. Who is last now? Is Sash still on top? Find out after the jump

Teflon Dan taking you into the power rankings
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Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Ahh just like I expected, some very large changes in the rankings due to the tribal shift, and I have them after the jump to prevent spoilers

So here is a picture of Jane calling Marty and Jill ticks as she goes a bit crazy on us.

Jane playing with ticks

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