I don’t know what’s worse in a competition, pure quitters like NaOnka and Kelly Purple, or people who throw challenges.   In the game of Survivor, I’d have to say those who throw challenges for a few reasons.  Every season, the “recruited” to “applied” ratio is getting more and more in favor of the recruited – those who were approached by Survivor producers to be on the show for ratings.   Kelly Purple is an example of someone who was recruited – most likely due to her very strong personality (sarcasm alert) – so it’s no wonder she bailed when it started getting rough on her.  She went to get publicity to help her modeling career, mission accomplished, so it was time to stop the torture and leave the game.  You can blame the producers for a quitter more than the quitter, especially in the case of a recruit.

Those who throw a challenge though, it’s hard to forgive in this game, especially this early in.  Anyone who has seen more than 5 minutes of the shows 1 million seasons knows things can turn really quickly, and one thing you don’t want to do is willingly hand over numbers because someone makes you a sad panda in camp.   When you factor in it’s been like a week since the show started and only 2 people have been voted out, those on Zapatera are a bunch of dumb shits so far.

Before I keep going off on that, other stuff did happen this episode, including the first person officially eliminated from the game, which is weird to see on the 3rd episode, but I kind of like it so far.   Matt and Franchesqua were set to “duel” on Redemption Island (which doesn’t appear to actually be an island), and the loser will be sent home for good,  with the winner living another day.   Both tribes had two people randomly selected to go witness the first challenge for some reason.  Andrea was one of those chosen which made her happy allowing her to see her new bff/boyfriend (that she’s known a week) at least one last time before he’s sent back to the real world.  This also gave her a chance to let him know she didn’t vote for him, just in case he made it back she can have a good alliance… as if that were ever in doubt.

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Andrea and Matt getting close on the islandSo we’re two weeks into the season of Survivor: Redemption Island, and I already think it’s better than the entire least season.   It’s hard for me to say because I’ve actually chatted with quite a few contestants, and many of them were extremely friendly and polite despite the amount of messages I’m sure they received on facebook.    It’s just that last season was doomed from the start because of the horrible tribe setups, it never really found it’s legs.

The redemption island part of this season?  The most hyped up feature of the new season has yet to even have any impact on the game or strategy.    This week featured Francesca going to the island, lighting a fire, and writing in a journal..  easily the most uneventful thing the show has aired in many seasons now, that includes pretty much every moment Dan was on air last season.    You know you’re going to have a good season when you bring Rob and Russell back in the game, period.    And that brings us to this week’s random thoughts about Survivor segment that I just made up now!

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His foot makes his mouth dry

And we’re off!  The much anticipated season of Survivor has arrived, with old favorites Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz returning to the game to compete against each other, and the episode really didn’t disappoint.

Right away we got the long introduction with Jeff hyping up the season, and we can clearly see just from the helicopter ride that teams were going to be much more even than they were last season, regardless of the split.     No grandma Jane’s, no guy with about zero cartilage left in his knees, and no crazy old guy rambling about random things..  wait, scratch that last one.  There was Phillip, and based on this episode, I can simply say I hope he remains on the season for as long as possible. The guy screams entertainment.

The best part of the season is easily the fact that two of my personal favorite players are returning, Rob and Russell.   Love them or hate them, both of those players know how to play this game, and it’s great to see them both back in the same season, and competing against each other.   However, did anyone notice Russell sounds different?    Maybe he hit puberty late or something because his voice is definitely different.

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Survivor Redemption Island Contestant:  Francesca Hogi
Age: 36
Tribe: Ometepe

Survivor Redemption Island Francesca Hogi

So the other day I featured a lawyer from Hollywood, and today our second lawyer of the bunch is presented, this time she’s a D.C. lawyer.  I’m not sure what is worse, someone who can represent the Lindsay Lohan’s of the world, or someone who represents politicians.

Aside from the lawyer info, there really isn’t a whole lot to go on with Francesca Hogi.  I found a facebook group of her, but I’m not interested in that, I want personal profiles!  I want to dig deep into their lives and get t o know them before I assess how far they’re going to go in the game (yes, that’s right, I’m that influential!)

Right now I know she’s a lawyer who seems very well spoken, and wants to be a Cirie / Boston Rob combo, which translated into a sneaky, annoying player with an annoying accent who likes to go out with girls named Ambahhh.

We’ll see how the mystery woman lawyer Francesca does on Feb 16th I suppose.