May I rant for a minute?  I’m sure we have all heard how Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has built these extravagant homes that the recipients just can’t afford to maintain them.  I thought the show would fall apart after that.  People would realize that they’re too poor and/or have too many medical expenses to keep up with the homes, and just stop calling to try to get on the show.  But the show kept chugging along.  So much so that people are lying about medical conditions and other issues. 

Just one example:

Back in 2005, for instance, five orphaned siblings sued a couple that allegedly took them into their care in order to get a new nine-bedroom house before turning the kids out one by one.

And, now, this woman who claimed that she and her two daughters have an immunodeficiency disease, has been proved a big, fat liar.  This reminds me of taking your 12 year old to the movies and trying to get a child price for them.  “If anyone asks, you’re 11!”  Way to go with teaching your girls about honesty.  Not to mention, if anything does happen to her girls (God forbid), she will be kicking herself really hard.  Karma does not always play nice.

Source: Yahoo! News