So I was watching American Pickers last night, and I’m not sure if it was a new episode or not.  They went out to some hoarders place and tried to buy their junk for a profit.  I think that describes every episode, so I’ll call last night’s new.   Ok, not to pick on the show, it’s actually pretty cool to see what junk they’re able to get when they do, it’s just a show like that would be impossible to blog about without boring people to death.   I’d definitely recommend watching it if you see it on, It’s on the History channel.

I did a little research on the show, and it turns out the girl who gives them tips on the hoarders places is named Danielle Colby, and she has quite the fan base on the web.     Danielle is the feisty manager of their antique shop “Antique Archaeology“, and also gives Mike and Frank tips on where to find these places while they’re on the road.

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