Jordan Humble Teen Mom 2 Cheating ScandalI recently watched the last three episodes of Teen Mom 2, so naturally that makes me an expert on the topic now, and I was interested at this latest bit of gossip coming from Us Weekly today.  They are saying the reason our lovable redneck couple shockingly split after only six months of marriage is now possibly due to Corey’s wandering eye.. and by eye I mean penis.

Us Weekly is claiming the day Leah Messer filed for divorce from mr. mumbles, he was sending facebook messages to Jordan Humble (pictured above).   I also assume the messages were not asking where she shops, because she doesn’t walk around in camouflage and carry a rifle.   I also assume the only reason she showed any interest in him was due to his popularity with the show, because I’m frankly shocked Leah liked him, let alone another girl.

While we’re on the subject of our love birds, this should give people a valuable lesson out there.  If someone says you don’t love them because you want to wait on marriage, they usually have a few screws loose in their head and don’t take marriage very serious to begin with.   I’d like to blame this all on Corey, but Leah had to know what she was getting into when he pulled that line on her.  I mean it’s common sense, right?