did bristol palin go under the knife?

… It turns out, she had “corrective jaw surgery” that “improved” her look.  Oh!  Well that clears that up.   I originally asked the question in this post, but according to our future first daughter (gasp!), this was to correct some overbite or some excuse which clearly required the rounding off of her chin as well.. because we all know having a round chin is crucial for dental issues.

Look, I don’t care that she had plastic surgery, it has zero impact on my life, but nothing is more irritating than when these “stars” talk to the media like those of us who actually read it are morons.   What’s next, is she going to get her ears lifted and say it was to help her hear better?  Or her boobs done while saying if she didn’t have the proper weight distribution in her front and rear that could throw off her alignment and make her walk into walls?

Admit it Bristol, you didn’t like your chin and you had it fixed with your dancing with the stars money.  You and your family are part of the Hollywood lifestyle whether you want to believe it or not.

did bristol palin go under the knife?Bristol Palin, under the knife – yes or no?

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It’s really hard to say, this very well could just be a thinner face.. but…

What’s your opinion?

My posts are going up a little late this week due to the holiday, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten.  How could I forget the most controversial season of Dancing With the Stars?  One of the few reality shows that I didn’t think could cause drama, did.  However, the ratings this season were through the roof, which means I’m sure we can expect more controversial “stars” in future seasons.

I’m sure you all know by now that Jennifer Grey took home the coveted mirror ball trophy, which is probably the worst prize in reality show history.  I was pretty surprised, but at the same time, I wasn’t.  Bristol Palin brought up the rear in viewers’ votes this time, which leads me to believe people wanted to vote for her to take a stand, but they didn’t really believe she deserved to win.  Floating somewhere in the middle was Disney star, Kyle Massey.

Good job, Jennifer, you deserved it.

Steven Cowan sat down in his home on Monday to watch Dancing With the Stars and ended up getting taken away by the SWAT team.  Why?  I’m glad you asked!  Apparently, he thinks tiny people are in there performing for him week after week.  I have no other clue why he would think shooting his TV would help his case.  He doesn’t like Bristol Palin and thinks she’s only on the show because of who her mother is.  Regardless if that’s the reason or not, shooting the TV won’t help get her voted off.  His wife must also be in on the plot to have the Palins take over the world, since he turned his gun on her next.  Luckily she was able to get away.  Maybe he should just try turning off the television set next time.  If he has to do it by throwing the remote control at it, so be it.  At least it isn’t a gun.  Although it does bring new meaning to Bristol the Pistol.

Source: TMZ

Last night, we got to see Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough with a perfect score of 60.  That wasn’t surprising.  What was surprising, however, was that the judges decided to hop on the “We Love Bristol

Woo! Go, Kyle!

Palin” bandwagon and gave her a few 9’s.  Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!  That still left her at the bottom of the pack, since everyone else is much better at dancing than she is.  Oh, yeah, they’re actual stars too.  But I guess everyone loves the underdog, eh?  Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer, whom I love dearly, received a total score of 58, which was their highest score of the season.

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Children dancing

This week’s challenge was an interesting one.  Instant Dance!  Basically, the contestants knew what dance they would have to perform, but they only received their song mere minutes before they had to perform it.  I was expecting lots of fail.  However, this challenge produced some of the best dances we’ve seen so far this season!  My personal favorite was Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer doing   the jive to Good Golly Miss Molly.  They earned an almost perfect score of 29.  Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough’s performance actually scored a perfect score of 30, despite an earlier knee injury.

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Welcome to Dancing With the Stars 200th episode!  This was yet another week full of surprises!  Taylor Swift performed and we got to see Tom Bergeron faint at her feet, which is always a good time.  And the legendary Rod Stewart performed too.  I love them both.  Seriously.  If I could hang out with Taylor and Rod, I would be a happy, happy person.  Could you just imagine the conversations the three of us would have though?  I can’t.

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The Dancing With the Stars results show always makes me think of a big dance party!  You have the awesome dancing from both the contestants and professional dance groups, you have the “concert” aspect with popular bands and singers.  All you need is the spandex and platform heels.  Oh, wait, you have that too!

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This week marks the halfway point for season 11 of Dancing with the Stars!  It’s anyone’s game now, which is proven by how Bristol Palin keeps coming back week after week, even though she can never remember her dances.  This week was TV Theme Week where we had Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy quickstep their way onto the top of the leaderboard with a total judges score of 27, knocking Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough out of the coveted spot.

Brandy dancing to I'll Be There For You

Bringing up the rear were Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas with a total judges score of 18.  Ouch.  I’m sure the monkey suits didn’t help matters any, even though Len Goodman surprisingly liked them.

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It was acoustic week!  The contestants danced to either the Argentine Tango or the Rumba to live acoustic music.  They were also being judged on both technical and performance abilities, and had to dance on a much smaller, round stage.  Luckily no one fell off the stage, which I totally would have done.

Before I get on with the results, just a few observations from me:

1. We got to hear Jennifer Grey say, “It was dope, yo.”  That was priceless.

2. Watching Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas dance is kind of like watching my grandmother makes the moves on my boyfriend.  Solely speaking of the age difference.  I don’t want Corky Ballas to be my boyfriend.

3. We got to see Mark Ballas’s, Len Goodman’s, and The Situation’s situations.  The Situation’s was the only one worth looking at.

Len Goodman shirtless

It just seems so...unLenlike

4. Karina Smirnoff thinks The Situation is The Hulk.  Or maybe Superman.  Karina, you aren’t Lacey Schwimmer.  You and The Situation are almost the same height and build.  Expecting him to make you do a perfect barrel roll in mid-air might be sort of impossible.

5. Speaking of Lacey Schwimmer, what’s with all the jokes about how young and “full of hormones” Kyle Massey is?  You were his age pretty damn recently, Lacey.

Okay, now that I got all that out of my system, onto the results!

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