Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Ben Henry “Benry”
Age: 24
Tribe: La Flour

Meet Ben Henry, aka “Benry”.  Here appears to be the hothead of the young tribe who will likely bring some drama to the show.   His plan is to go in there, control his temper, and manipulate the women on the show.  Look, Benry, I understand you saw Russel do that for a few seasons, but you’re no Russel.  On top of that, each time he did that, it came around to bite him in the ass.  Manipulating women on that show just doesn’t happen successfully as a plan.    I’m sure you’ve worked your magic to get plenty of drunken bar sluts in bed with you while promoting clubs, but with a million dollars on the line, you’re going to have to step up your game bro.

I predict he’s going to find a bunch of girls to ‘manipulate’, but in reality they’re using him and laughing at him behind his back as he busts his ass in camp trying to stay in as long as he can.  Once they’re done with him, he’ll be gone.  I don’t think he’ll even see merge.

My odds of winning:  100-1

Tune in to Survivor Nicaragua on September 15th to find out!