I went over this a few times using my super-enhanced fake-catching software, analyzed the pixels frame by frame, and studied the facial expressions I learned from Dr. Cal Lightman, but still couldn’t come to a decisive conclusion on how real this major fuck-up was last night on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Host Sarah Murdoch went in live TV and falsely declared the winner of Next Top Model to be Kelsey Martinovich, and as Kelsey celebrated, Sarah got someone in her ear screaming at her that she either a) royally fucked up or b) is putting on a great performance.   So, in this awkward moment, Murdoch announced that because it’s live tv, she messed up and the winner was actually Amanda Ware.

This is what’s puzzling me:

  • How did Sarah Murdoch not know the correct winner?  I mean how do you go out there, announce one, let her celebrate, then change your mind?  I can see quickly correcting yourself with a slip of the tongue, but not this long
  • I didn’t even realize Australia had TV, let alone the ability to air stuff live  (I kid, I kid!)
  • Why in the World are there so many people in the audience?  Is that show actually big over there?
  • Where was Tyra Banks?  I know it’s the Australia version, but you’d think Ty would work her way on to every episode for every version of the show
  • And finally, how did Amanda beat out Kelsey?  Kelsey is way hotter!

Yea, I’m smelling staged, what do you guys think?