Boston Rob and Russell Hantz announce new reality showsNow that Boston Rob Mariano is sitting on well over $2.5 million from reality show winnings between him and his wife, Amber, it is time to settle down and raise his children, right?  Wrong!   Fresh off the heels of the Survivor Redemption Island finale, Boston Rob announced he will take part in a new show on The History Channel called Around The World In 80 Days.

According to The Examiner, the show will work like this:

“I’m on a plane tonight going to Los Angeles and I start production in the morning on a new show that I’m doing,” says Mariano. “It’s called ‘Around the World in 80 Ways,’ it’s adrenaline-style TV, which is perfect for me. I love adventure, so I’m excited to be working on something new and making the transition from reality show contestant to host.”

“The basic premise of the show is me and a co-host are going to travel around the world, from point A to point B, but you can never repeat any of the forms of transportation,” he continues. “If you use a commercial airline once, you can’t use it again. You need to take a fighter jet or a blimp or a hot air balloon. Within that context, we’re going to try to use transportation that is indigenous to the area. If we’re in the desert, we’ll ride camels.”

Sounds… hmmm…  pretty boring actually.  Think “The Amazing Race” without the rewards, challenges, and unique personalities between the different teams.   I’ll be shocked if this finishes the season, but we’ll find out soon as it’s set to air sometime this fall/winter.

Not to be outdone by Rob’s reality show branch off, Russell announced he will have his own show in the near future.    This is going to be a ripoff of the countless house flipping shows with the biggest difference being Russell will be in charge of the flips.   He’ll buy and flip houses in the Houston area to bring the economy back on it’s feet all by himself!   From the same article as above:

“There are tons of reality TV stars sitting on their couches and twiddling their thumbs because they haven’t created anything else. I expect to be one of the biggest house flippers in Houston and I am here to bring Houston’s economy back on its feet.”

Very nice of you, Russell.   You’re going to bring the economy back in Houston one run-down then band-aided and overpriced house at a time.   Regardless, I am a sucker for watching house flipping shows.  We used to have Flip This House set on DVR so we could make fun of Ginger Alexander always carrying around her dog.

ginger alexander flip this houseBy the way, for those who remember her, it turns out she married the owner of her company, Richard David, in 2009

Back to Russell. The show will be called Flipped and it will air on A&E at some point.  There is no set date on the premiere.   I guess now Rob and Russell can compete over ratings.