Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Kelly Bruno
Age: 26
Tribe: La Flor

kellybruno1 survivor candidate

And no Survivor season can be complete without the token hot, athletic amputee.  Wait, what?  Yes, this season on Survivor Nicaragua, there will be a chick with one leg (since near birth) who recently lost her father when he was in Haiti serving food to the poor and was killed in the earthquake.

But, with all that said, this is still a competitive game and it’s going to be hard for her to do some challenges.  Combined with the sympathy vote, I can see an early exit from her.  Look how quickly they got rid of James when he was down to one leg.  James was a strong competitor, would have easily won if he hit the final 3 and the tribe saw an opportunity to pounce and did.  I suspect the same fate will happen with Kelly Bruno this season.

My odds of winning: 150-1

Am I weird for being strangely attracted to her though?  Check out some more pictures after the jump.

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