Kelly Bruno is not fooling anyone here


Tyrone gives the stink-eye

Survivor: Nicaragua has finally kicked off and it couldn’t have been full of more awkward moments and unintentional humor.   The episode started off pretty clever, mixing up random people walking them down to the beach, which allowed people to eye up their new tribe, or in Tyrone’s case, likely give them then stink-eyeup.

You had Marty Piombo basically questioning wtf Jimmy Johnson was doing with them, as I’m sure the viewers collectively nodded their heads in agreement.    Brenda Lowe deciding she’s very, very, very single and going to play that to her advantage, and Alina thinking Kelly Bruno has “maybe like a hip problem”.  Sorry Alina, it’s no hip problem, think lower.


Marty Congratulates Brenda

Before Jimmy Johnson had to lay down for his afternoon nap, Jeff already sent them on their first challenge, and this one was to find the much anticipated “Medallion of Power”.  The trick was though, whoever won it did so for their tribes, so naturally Marty got excited when Brenda discovered the medallion then proceeded to climb the tree slower than a sloth.  Seriously, both tribes were half-way up the tree before she finally got the medallion.

Jeff then decided to reveal the ole “Hey guys, remember when you were excited about winning?  Well guess what, that wasn’t your tribe, suckas!” routine and promptly destroyed the good feeling the oldies.  Smooth move Jeff, Jimmy can’t handle all this pressure!   He then gave the youngin’s their first big decision.. keep the medallion, or give it up and take all types of cool shit.  Flints, fishing equipment.. the works.    The youngins, not realizing they’re far more athletic decided to give up the medallion even though it could have meant a free trip to the finals.   Good decision making there.

So the tribes gather up, the oldies lick their wounds and head to old person camp, while the youngins get all fired up and make their way to the La Flor camp.    » Read more..