Survivor Redemption Island Information

survivor redemption island logoDuring the reunion show of Survivor Nicaragua, a preview clip played about the next season called Survivor: Redemption Island.  The theme of this show will be a new feature called Redemption Island where the first person voted off will head there instead of home and wait under the same conditions as other survivors.   When the second person is voted off, those two people will square off in a challenge (sword fight to the death?) to determine who finally goes home and who remains on the island.   The winner will challenge the third person voted off and so on until a certain point when the final person standing on Redemption Island will actually be inserted back into the real game for a second chance.

What was not mentioned was whether or not Rob or Russell will be returning, or any other former cast members, like heavily rumored.   This was surprising considering it would have been a big draw, and the rumored contestants (Rob and Russell) were in the crowd essentially sitting between Jeff Probst at one point.

In an interview with Probst, he said this will likely be a continued format that he’s really excited about.  It differs from Pearl Islands because a) contestants will know about it from the start, so they’ll put more thought into votes and b) those living on the island will have the same harsh conditions instead of a “break” from the game.   He also said there will only be one immunity idol in play at a time instead of one per camp, which will prevent powerhouses from holding on to two idols at the same time.

I am already looking forward to the new season which begins on February 16th, but don’t stop visiting until then.  I’ll be posting any updates I can find on the show including cast previews / bios when I get them. Like us on facebook for the most recent updates!


  1. Kyle says:

    CANNOT wait for this season! And if Russell is in 3 out of the last 4 season it’s a bit much, but I dont care because he’s one of the best. Bring it on!

  2. stevebeans says:

    Yea I’m pretty excited about the season 🙂

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