Survivor Redemption Island – Grant Mattos

Survivor Redemption Island Contestant:  Grant Mattos
Age: 29
Tribe: Ometepe

grant matto survivor redemption island 1

Grant Mattos is a former NFL player, and by NFL player I mean he played in 6 games for the Titans in 2003, but it’s still quite an accomplishment to make an NFL team, and he looks like a bad-ass who may possible take some heat off of Russell or Rob and be an early target because of that.   Ripped guys like Grant tend to stick around for awhile because they can sometimes carry teams in challenges, but every tribal council there is always a ticking clock when to vote them out.  People start to panic about taking beefy guys to the final 6 or so, but as we’ve seen in many seasons now, challenges tend to be more physical early, and more endurance later.  That’s why players like Jane can stick around for so long because she had tons of endurance and determination.

Will Grant follow the same path as the other beefy guys on the show?  Will Russell feel instantly insecure about him and make a push right away to get him out?    There is going to be no questioning this guys strength and determination, but how will he able to convince his peers he’s somehow not a threat later in the game, should he make it that far?

Survivor Redemption Island begins on Feb 16th!

And for the ladies, here are a few more pictures of him…

grant matto survivor redemption island 2

grant matto survivor redemption island 3


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  2. Kendra says:

    Ok, what’s the deal? Another website said that Grant played for the Chargers and the Broncos?! Who is got the dealio on Grant?

  3. stevebeans says:

    I wonder why I said he played for 6 games with the Titans, that was clearly wrong. Here is Grant’s official NFL career

    2003 – (signed or drafted) by the Chargers and played in 6 games
    2004 – Worked out with the 49ers
    2004 – Signed with the Broncos to their practice squad
    2005 – Signed regular contract with the Broncos
    2005 – Released by the Broncos
    2005 – Signed with the Detroit Lions
    2005 – Lions waive Mattos due to knee problems
    2006 – Signed with the Titans
    2006 – Released by the Titans

    Hope this helps

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