Survivor Redemption Island – David Murphy

Survivor Redemption Island Contestant:  David Murphy
Age: 31
Tribe: Zapatera

Survivor Redemption Island David Murphy

David Murphy is a defense attorney out of Hollywood, CA who is probably an extra used on the set of CBS’s other show:

Ok, maybe not, but he does kind of have a Jerry O’Connell thing going on, minus the striped shorts.  What’s up with that?   I think the last thing I’d want see my lawyer wear were stripes, and not just because of the horrible fashion statement either.

It should be interesting to see a defense attorney on the show though, depending on the supporting cast.   It could be another Marty situation where he’s the smartest person in the bunch and that ends up screwing him in the long run.  Being smart and showing it in this game is sometimes the kiss of death.  Fabio won last year despite coming off as a complete moron to his tribe (which btw was more of an act than reality.  He’s nowhere near as dumb as he acted)

If you have any questions for David, make sure to ask here or in the thread I’ll be posting soon.  I’d like to get user questions asked to the contestants for when they get voted off.

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