Survivor Redemption Island – Ashley Underwood

Survivor Redemption Island Contestant:  Ashley Underwood
Age: 25
Tribe: Ometepe

Survivor Redemption Island - Ashley Underwood 5And our next contestant for The Amazing Race is beauty queen Ashley Underwood.  Wait, why is she standing on the beach?  This is for Survivor?  Look out Amazing Race, Survivor is stepping on your turf and also casting pageant queens now!

Ok, let me start over then.   Our next contestant for Survivor Redemption Island is former Miss Maine Ashley Underwood!  I know what you’re thinking..  beauty pageant winner from Maine?  That’s like how every team in baseball needs to send at least one person to the All-Star game.. but surprisingly, Ashley is actually pretty hot.   But this isn’t about her looks, although I’m sure that will be a hot topic issue this season, this is about whether or not she can handle being on the beach in the rain forest for that long, and how she’ll deal with not even being the hottest girl on the team.   Will there be conflict between Ashley and Andrea?  Will they bond and form some type of super team that can make guys like Chase make stupid moves on their behalf?

Only time will tell!  The new season of Survivor Bikini Island (sorry, Redemption Island) begins on wed, Feb 16th, so make sure you tune in!

more pictures of Ashley Underwood after the jump:

Survivor Redemption Island - Ashley Underwood twitter pic

Survivor Redemption Island - Ashley Underwood bikini

Survivor Redemption Island - Ashley Underwood random shotsnote: Is that Stephanie?

Survivor Redemption Island - Ashley Underwood 4


  1. Don says:

    You Stupid Pigfuckers!!! A beauty queen from Maine? You think that is funny? I’m from Maine and stop knocking Maine, you Pigfuckers!!!!

  2. stevebeans says:

    I was joking 🙂

  3. […] me.   Why such hatred, Ashley?  We have no problems with you at TRJ!  My comments about being a beauty pageant winner from Maine were all in fun, will you ever forgive […]

  4. Chris says:

    Wow, that bikini island thing was funny. If you weren’t such a humorless douche, I would have laughed. I bet you’ve never even seen a girl from Maine. Just because it’s cold, they can’t be hot. What a fucking retard.

  5. stevebeans says:

    My girlfriend lived in Maine, but she was smart and moved out!

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