Survivor Redemption Island – Andrea Boehlke

Survivor Redemption Island Contestant:  Andrea Boehkle
Age: 21
Tribe: Ometepe

Survivor Redemption Island - Andrea Boehkle 1

It’s that time of the year again!  Winter is settling in around the country, snow is piling up everywhere you look, and my Patriots have been eliminated from the playoffs putting me into a nice deep winter depression.  This year is different though!  This year I get to blog about a place that is full of sunshine, rain, rain, rain, a little sun, more rain and even more rain…  oh kill me now.

That’s right, Survivor is going back to Nicaragua again, and instead of calling it Survivor: Nicaragua2, they decided to put a little Redemption Island twist on it, likely just to mess with me so I have to type that entire thing out every time.

Either way, the rumors have finally been confirmed, and this season will in fact be a Rob vs Russell re-match that will likely end in both of them booted the first two weeks, but more on that later.  Now we have our first contestant of the bunch, Andrea Boehlke.  She is a 21 year old who comes from Wisconsin, so maybe she’ll be this years Kelly Purple, but actually remain in the game because she can handle a little rain.

I was going to give odds of winning, but they’re usually just completely arbitrary figures I make up, but I will already say pretty girls either go really early, or make it pretty deep in.   If she’s not gone in the first 2-3 evictions, I expect her post-merge because she likely made a tight alliance.

More photos of her after the jump:

Survivor Redemption Island - Andrea Boehkle 2

Survivor Redemption Island - Andrea Boehkle 3


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  2. Frrostbite says:

    Oh dear, I think they made a mistake bringing Rob and Russell back, it’s too soon after Heroes vs Villians. Looks like they will be on opposing tribes too, so we won’t see any interaction between them unless they both make it to the merge.
    The concept behind Redemption Island is a total ripoff from Road Rules btw, it could create an interesting twist if the tribes don’t find out who wins each duel and will certainly affect tribal nominations.

  3. stevebeans says:

    I’ll be shocked if either makes it past the first 2 evictions per tribe. You can’t put two wildly popular players in the game with a bunch of amateurs because they become instant targets.

    Almost not fair to either of them. I’ll be going off on that part when I cover those two though :p

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