You Can’t Stand The Truth

you can't handle the truthI’d like to start out by saying, if you’re going to quote one of the most popular lines in movie history, at least get it right!  Phillip Sheppard was back in crazy form last night making sure he had plenty of gigs lined up on other reality shows when he leaves Survivor, this time he was all pumped because he found his shorts after he heard a voice from his grandfather or someone like that (*cough* producer) tell him they were under a rock.

I mean come on, do we really believe he had some vision which brought him directly to the area his shorts were buried, and he found them under the 2nd rock?    That’s a little too far fetched for me, especially when the alternative is watching Phillip walking around in his panties which probably resulted in many lost lunches for the Survivor crew.   While there is a fine line between entertaining and gross, it’s clear Phillip crossed that line and even the people in charge knew that.

Anyway, back to the movie quote, which bothered me as someone who is a mild film nerd.  I decided to “Phillipize” other classic quotes for him that he can use in future reality shows:

When someone really annoys himfrankly my dear I don't give a damn“Frankly, my dear, I don’t really care about the problem you seem to be having”


When someone asks him a question but he wasn’t sure it was directed to himAre you talking to me?“Excuse me, could you tell me if you were talking to me with that question, please?”

When he allies with someone on his team/tribe
You're My Boy, Blue“You are a good friend to me, would you like a nickname?


When he has to make an emergency escape from a Predator
get to the choppa, do it now!“Gooo! Please go to the helicopter so we can leave this area, and make haste!”

Some runners up:
“Let’s not start fellating one another quite yet, we still have a goal to accomplish”
“I’m going to make an offer to him that he could refuse, but I hope he doesn’t”
“I love the smell of a camp fire in the morning!”
“Say hello to my friend who happens to be of short stature”


matt crying over being in the game

I hate competing for a million dollars

Wow, ok was going off a bit there.    Anyway, aside from Phillip being crazy, we got to hear more whining from Matt on redemption island.   Seriously, either leave the game or play it, none of this crying about wanting to go home but then dominating everyone you compete against in duel’s.  That’s some Rulan (from The Biggest Loser) type of shit, hovering on the edge of elimination the entire game but then finally pretending you’re leaving because you’re “all done with the game”.    It’s nothing but an attention grab so people will talk about you in a few seasons as the guy who walked away from the game with his head held high.    I don’t like quitters like NaOnka or Kelly Purple, but I also don’t like the “woe is me” type either.   Like we’re supposed to feel bad you have a beach to yourself, likely get easy food you’re probably not rationing, and you’re still in the running for one million dollars despite being voted out twice?    I am rooting against Matt every week because of that.. there, I said it.


What else went on in the game?  Nothing really out of the ordinary.  Steve took the high road and apologized to Phillip for racist remarks he didn’t even make, and then make some real strong final efforts to stay in the game by making an argument to Natalie and Ashley why they should vote out Rob.   Steve’s definitely a good guy, and not just because he has a great name!

In more not surprising news, Grant won immunity, Rob is still dominating the game and Ralph really needs to wear a shirt.   When he jumps in water it looks like someone threw a wet blanket over his shoulders.  I think I’d rather look at Phillips pink panties…  hmmm.. I take that back.

In a small attempt to either shake up the game, or speed it up, Jeff handed the tribe a package only to be opened at immunity.  Rob sniffed this right out as some cheap gimmick to throw them off guard and vote someone else out, so he made sure he had contingency plans unless something super major happened.

Steve trying to make a play for ashley and natalie

It didn’t.

The first vote went as planned (despite Jeff chirping in and trying to sway votes) and off went gorilla boy back to his natural habitat in the wild.    The package was opened, and it was a simple member game for another immunity challenge.  Nothing major, if Steve won, Andrea was set to go home.  Steve, however, didn’t win so it was his turn to meet Ralph in the forest and head to Mike and crybaby Matt at redemption island.

Next week is when things should start to change as there is nobody left from Zapatera to pick off (how is that for karma, btw), and it’s time to feed on themselves.   While I truly respect Rob as a player, I’m hoping Grant pulls this out and wins it all.  That’s another super nice guy who has been  nothing but loyal to his tribe since day 1. On top of that, he’s been the one carrying everyone through challenges, probably single-handedly giving Rob and crew the numbers they needed in key moments of the game.

One thing though, how many people are they going to have on redemption island?  My guess is next week it’s more of a 2 vs 2 challenge with both losers getting sent home.   Then possibly a 3 way duel the week after, with the winner finally returning to the game.

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